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naruto 467-1

The chapter begins with Sakura, Sai, Kiba & Rock Lee. Sai asks Kiba to start tracking Naruto as soon as they get to the Land of Iron, Kiba knows this already and sighs, Rock Lee asks him what’s wrong and he then says that Ino cried when she heard the news, but Sakura hasn’t done anything and he thinks that she’s preparing for the worst outcome. However, Lee thinks that Sakura as been thinking about this a lot, Kiba interrupts him and says he has to search and track at the same time as Sai doesn’t want Root to find out about this.

Meanwhile in the Snowy country, the manager of the Inn in which Naruto was staying in is complaining about the hole in the wall that the three of them created and then says that is the main reason he hates ninja’s staying here. In the end Yamato apologised saying he’ll fix everything, meanwhile Naruto is thinking about all the things Madara told him about Sasuke, eventually Naruto comes to a conclusion and realises that he must see Sasuke and ask him about it himself.

After that back in the Kage’s meeting the Raikage says Shi was right the Hokage got away, the Tsuchikage agrees by adding that it was thanks to Sasuke. Anyway, the Raikage goes in to attack Madara although his hit missed thanks to Madara’s time-space jutsu, the Raikage states that no plan of the Akatsuki’s is ever intended to be good. Madara then takes Sasuke away much to Karin’s amazement, he asks her to heal him and sends her to where Sasuke is. Basically the Raikage demands Madara to bring Sasuke back and he says he’ll comply to their wishes if they hear him out.

Madara then initiates the beginning of his tale now that he has the full attention of the Kage’s, he tells them that it is extremely rare for anyone to awaken Susanoo and that he likes to take in people who have good eyes, he then used Sasuke to attack the Kage’s to further advance his techniques but that plan failed as he wished to weaken the Kage’s and then take them hostage however, that plan is still out of reach currently. Mizukage wonders why he wants to take them hostage, Madara implies that it makes his ‘Moon Eye Plan’ run more smoothly. The Tsuchikage is still in a state of shock believing that Uchiha Madara is still alive, but then wonders why someone of his caliber is going in a roundabout manner if he is so powerful he should be able to make his plan happen without nothing happening. Madara states that the wound left by the Shodai Hokage Hashirama was too big and he is only a mere shell of his former self, Shi questions if this plan is to return his powers to him. Madara says it’s not just that but something else, he asks if he can take a seat while explaining this to the Kage’s one of the people wonders what the ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’ is. Madara says that everything will become one with himself, it will form a complete perfect union in other words, he will be complete.

naruto 467-2Tsuchikage wonders what he is implying by a perfect union, Madara explains that an ancient stone has been passed down through each generation of the Uchiha’s and it lies beneath Konoha and something is carved upon it explain the secrets of the Rikudo Sage. Apparently only people with eye powers can read it, more can be decoded when you read it with the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan, Tsuchikage questions the relevance of the Rikudo Sage saying he is only a person of fairy-tales, Madara says that he was in fact real. Mizukage states some facts to Madara saying that he has the Mangekyo Sharingan and someone in the Akatsuki possessed the Rinnegan so he must know everything. According to Madara the Rikudo Sage once saved the world from a monster, and one part of the monster was once sealed inside of Gaara, it was the fusion of all the tailed beasts it had the strongest chakras ever known to man. It’s called the ‘Juubi’, Temari can’t believe there is something stronger than the Kyuubi but Madara states it is a fusion of all the nine-tailed beasts. Apparently the tailed beasts are a division of the Juubi’s powers and the Rikudo Sage was the one who did that in order to protect everyone the Rikudo sage sealed the Juubi inside of himself in order to control it. However, the seal would break once the Rikudo Sage died and the Juubi would be free once again to wreak havoc om everyone so when he was on his deathbed he split up the chakras and sent them around the world, then the Juubi’s empty body was sealed away and sent into the sky there it became the moon.

The Kage’s understand that he wants to gather the tailed beasts in order to gain extraordinary power but what is he planning to do with that power. Madara then says he will use it to resurrect the Juubi and become its host and it will strengthen his eyes which will allow him to use a certain jutsu one that is the greatest of all the eye techniques it has the ability to project his eyes onto the moon its name is ‘Mugen Tsukiyomi’ therefore he will be able to cast a worldwide illusion and control everyone in that illusion in other words the world will become one.

naruto 467-3The Kage’s don’t understand the world he described where was peace its meaningless unless its achieved by the inhabitants of the planet, and his way they will not have any hopes nor dreams it’s just an escape. Madara implies that there is no hope, and then tells them to hand over the Hachibi & Kyuubi to him, and cooperate with his plan or else it will be war. Raikage is wondering why he mentioned the Hachibi then begins to question Madara saying he already took Bee, but Madara disagrees saying they failed to capture him. Apparently the Raikage is furious at his brother for deserting his country and then declares that he will have words with him. Meanwhile, Gaara declares he won’t give Naruto to Madara, Mizukage, Tsuchikage and Raikage agree as well. Madara then says even though he is powerless himself he has the power of the tailed-beasts he already has, Gaara says they won’t give up hope, with this Madara declares the 4th Ninja War.

naruto 467-4Personal Opinion:

Finally some major plot advancement, is in the making Kishimoto-sensei has decided to input the ‘Juubi’ which apparently is the fusion of all 9 Bijuu’s I think that it is a very interesting to find that out now being as there are only two Bijuu remaining to be captured the Hachibi & Kyuubi. I have been through a lot of forums in the past couple of days some of which indicate that the series might be coming to an end, or some that are saying that there will be another time-skip, but I must stress we can’t think like that yet since we don’t know what Kishimoto-sensei is going to do next.

Madara however is another intriguing character as of late in this chapter he explains what the ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’ is and to be quite honest I actually suspected it to be something like what he described, though there has been question that has been bothering me as of late, more on that some other time though. Although I feel that him declaring war one way on the entire world was a little predictable but I now know that at least some of the characters will die. Here’s a question for you people. Who do you think will die? And by Whom? I think that everyone will be expecting this outcome but Naruto vs. Sasuke is a definite thing.

Madara claiming that he is only a ‘shell’ of his former self as me wondering if that means he just can’t use his eyes anymore besides his classic jutsu time-space manipulation or maybe he isn’t able to show his true physical appearance whichever the outcome is will probably be described in the future. But, Madara is one hell of an antagonist sometimes I don’t really see his logic in wanting to become the Juubi’s Jinchuruki only to be in a world he created just to become a god through manipulation. Well so far, all we have learned is that nearly every character has their own past traumas and that they basically want the world united. One example of this is Nagato he wanted this by destroying the world from time to time, now Madara just wants to control everyone.  In my opinion no plan seems better than the other, the only person that can stop this is going to be Naruto he will be the one to unite the world and end wars.

Constantly I have seen in forums across the net, going on about the gift that Itachi left Naruto way back in Chapter 366 I mean I know he Sasuke his eyes in order to protect him from Madara, but what did he need to tell Naruto that was so important he had to put him in a genjutsu just so he’d listen to him. Aah, it as me so curious I wish Kishimoto-sensei would explain that but pressing forward in my opinion of the chapter it was very interesting to be confirmed that the Hachibi wasn’t dead,(even though I already knew he wasn’t dead) and to see the way the Raikage reacted when he was told that had me in fits of laughter its the way any sibling would act if one played a trick on the other. Somehow I don’t think the Kyuubi will ever be captured seeing as Naruto is the child of prophecy, and the Kyuubi his the strongest of all the Bijuu’s, plus even if they managed to capture the Kyuubi, they’d only have the Yang part of the Kyuubi’s chakra since the 4th sent the Yin chakra with him to the death god.

The beginning of the chapter focused a little on Sakura, Sai, Kiba & Rock Lee on their mission to tell Naruto about their plan on killing Sasuke, however it seems that ever since Naruto was paid a visit by Madara he was able to finally decide the only way to know the truth about Sasuke and what his true desires lay are to confront him face to face. I feel that Naruto’s character development is just getting going I have a feeling if he uses his head a lot more he will be just as clever as the Fourth Hokage aka his father, let me rephrase that nearly as clever. Even though a lot of the previous chapters have focused on the Kage’s and Sasuke maybe the next one’s will focus on Naruto since he’s the protagonist of the series. It looks like the next couple of chapters could focus on Sakura’s advancement in finding Naruto in the Land of Iron.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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