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Starting off with Kensei punching Wonderwiess in the face hard, not long after that Mashiro asks if he’s going to avenge her, in which he bluntly says don’t sound so happy of course not it was her own fault it happened for not listening to his countless attempts of him warning her. Kensei then tells Mashiro that he’s just going “I’m gonna give this brat a taste of my fist for getting above himself.” After that Kensei unleashes his bankai ‘Tekken Tachikaze’ on Wonderwiess.After the scene shifts to Aizen who is staring with a smug smile on his face directly at the Vizard’s Shinji warns everyone to approach him with extreme caution as they all know what his powers are capable of. Hiyori buts in halfway through the explanation, saying that she knows Shinji responds back saying he wasn’t talking to her and to loosen her grip on her blade. Aizen hears this and says its just what he would expect such words of consideration from captain Hirako, however Aizen quotes what Shinji said earlier and thinks that it sounds ridiculous.

Aizen continues by stating that if you approach with or without caution or simply don’t approach him at all the initial outcome will remain the same, he states that he isn’t speaking of the future but there demise was already an inexplicable thing from the past. Shinji knows that he is saying this to provoke the fellow Vizard’s into attacking him, Aizen wonders what they are so afraid of. Aizen continues stating some facts that they had died that day 100 years ago, when they were hollowfied.

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Hiyori having heard this goes of to attack Aizen out of anger, Shinji tries to tell her to stop but it is already too late as she is attacked by Gin’s released zanpakuto’s shikai state, as she begins to fall to the ground, Gin says “One Down.” Shinji shunpo’s over to Hiyori catching her before she lands, Hiyori then apologises to Shinji saying that she was impatient, he then proceeds to ask Hachi to heal her but then realises that he doesn’t have the same powers that Orihime-chan has. Shinji then shouts will all his might into the sky wondering why Ichigo hasn’t made it back yet.

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Personal Opinion:

Wow intriguing chapter I enjoyed it though probably not the best chapter I have read but it’s quite high in the list I’ve made. Finally we get to see what Kensei’s bankai is like ‘Tekken Tachikaze’ translates to ‘Iron Fist Earth-Severing Wind’ it transforms into a pair of large knuckle blades which he holds in each hand. Well I can personally see why Kensei prefers using his shinigami powers over his hollow powers, his bankai seems to be awfully powerful since it looked like it was able to create a phenomenal explosion whilst attacking Wonderwiess. There is something about Kensei that I’m attracted to although I’m not quite sure what it is, oh well.

Aizen is a more apparent figure in this chapter, I do really hate him, how he seems really smug thinking that he is better then everyone else evidently he may be the strongest out of the other two rogue captains that went with him to Hueco Mundo. When he was describing that no matter what the Vizard’s did it wouldn’t change the outcome of the battle since they had already died made my blood boil, I mean I know they had already died why they hollowfied  but why bring it up now when they were going to face him calmly. Maybe, this could be part of his plan to destroy the Vizard’s by making them angry so that the attack him forgetting what his powers are, but also forgetting of his comrades; similar to how Hiyori went to attack him and ended up getting attacked by Gin, who is extraordinarily weird especially since he never opens his eyes at all.

Shall I mention how much I admire Shinji’s approach to Aizen and how much he is considerate to everyone who he happens to be fighting with, I think that is why he was such a good captain 100 years ago. I admire people like that even though sometimes he tends to act a little bit lazily at first he happens to be a really good thinker, similar to Urahara and how much he admires him for helping them when they were hollowfied by Aizen, Gin & Tousen.

Now onto, something that I knew was coming just didn’t know when Kubo-sensei would be introducing him back dun dun dun Ichigo, apparently it looks like he is on his way back into the real world somehow. I am not to sure how since he is supposed to be trapped in Las Noches by Aizen, but maybe he actually went there with a plan for a change (no I don’t think so but I can hope can’t I) anyway, it looks like it is only going to be Ichigo who can defeat Aizen, how typical him being the protagonist and everything who didn’t see that coming must be blind. Ichigo’s power is really unique considering that technically he actually possessed shinigami powers from his dad, yes the man who his really idiotic. Though, I’m intrigued as to what his hollow powers are like maybe they’d be equal to that of a Vasto Lorde like Ulquiorra’s.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


2 responses to “Bleach 377 – Shout at the Dark

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  1. attacked by Gin, who is extraordinarily weird especially since he never opens his eyes at all.

    Ahaha. I didn’t see that one coming either, but not because of the way his eyes are though… I probably only say that because I’m big fan of him XP As for Aizen I really learned to deal with him. Somebody has to be the bad guy, otherwise there wouldn’t be a story right? I suppose he’s got it all planned out and provoking the Vizards is one of them. Shinji, I have so much respect for that guy it’s not even funny. He’s my fave out of the group and he was a really cool captain back in the day…

    Well as for Ichigo, they finally got back to him. But the thing is they still have to deal with the threat of Yami stomping around. And him being the zero espada it’s not gonna be easy. But what I really hope for in the end, is that Ichigo’s new hollow form won’t be something that he’ll be resorting to all the time… because then it’ll be lame… Kinda like DBZ and the super saiyan levels… ya know?

    • Hahahaha, me either I was actually pretty surprised by his actions and how I quote

      “One Down”

      The way he said that was exceptionally creepy, I can totally see Gin being well umm, very intriguing in the next few chapters, even though I’m not a big fan of the guy. Aizen yeah I know but for some weird yet strange annoying reason I just can’t deal with him, that attitude problem of his really gets on my nerves. Yeah, I initially thought that Aizen provoking the Vizard’s was something as a joke for him and that maybe he wanted them to take there anger out on him, but since the plan didn’t work out the way he wanted but not everything in life is perfect right? Shinji, is like my second favourite character of the Vizard’s, (my favourite being Rose) I think that the rest of the Vizard’s have just as much respect for Shinji as you have and I’m growing to respect him as well. I have to agree with you there being a cool captain 100 years ago too, but he doesn’t beat Shunsui who’s equally as cool or even Urahara when he was a captain.

      Ah now the fun begins in my opinion now that Ichigo is finally going to make his move back to the Fake Karakura Town. I think that Kubo-sensei is maybe going to leave the Yami stuff to Ichigo’s friends or maybe the captains that are already in Las Noches are going to help them out with Yami. I’m pretty sure Mayuri, Byakuya & Kenpachi would be able to beat Yami. Ichigo’s new hollow form, was cool but I can see where you’re coming from with that point resorting to that form all the time everyone will grow to get tired of it and loose interest in Ichigo… DBZ haven’t watched that series in ages, but I think the reference fits in perfectly.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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