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Kobato. - Opening - Large 01Kobato. - Opening - Large 02Kobato. - Opening - Large 03Kobato. - Opening - Large 04Kobato. - Opening - Large 05Kobato. - Opening - Large 06

Opening Theme: Magic Number” 「マジックナンバー」 by Sakamoto Maaya 「坂本真綾」

Kobato. - 01 - Large 01Kobato. - 01 - Large 02Kobato. - 01 - Large 03Kobato. - 01 - Large 04Kobato. - 01 - Large 05Kobato. - 01 - Large 06Kobato. - 01 - Large 07Kobato. - 01 - Large 08Kobato. - 01 - Large 09Kobato. - 01 - Large 10Kobato. - 01 - Large 11Kobato. - 01 - Large 12Kobato. - 01 - Large 13Kobato. - 01 - Large 14Kobato. - 01 - Large 15Kobato. - 01 - Large 16Kobato. - 01 - Large 17Kobato. - 01 - Large 18Kobato. - 01 - Large 19Kobato. - 01 - Large 20


Hanato Kobato one day arrives in a park with her stuffed dog companion Ioryogi, Kobato’s wish is to go a certain somewhere  but in order to do that she has to fill a special bottle with the hearts of people who have been hurt and healed. However before she can get the bottle she has to pass Ioryogi’s test first which is a test of  common sense to see if she can live in the human world. The one problem however is that Kobato isn’t all that smart and she hasn’t really got any common sense.

When Kobato wanders out of the park she encounters a lady who is late for work and as forgot to take the garbage out, Kobato notices that the lady had dropped a garbage bag, and Ioryogi see’s this as a chance to test Kobato. Eventually she reaches the garbage disposal and she reads a sign about reducing the amount of garbage that is thrown away, this is when Kobato notices the crows and decides to give the garbage to the crows, however the crows give chase of Kobato. Kobato then arrives on a street when two guys appear to ask her for a drink and she excepts this apparently angers Ioryogi and he blasts them with his flame breath. This backfires on Kobato and the guys are angry but then a mysterious guy who manages to scare the guys away.

Later in the day, Kobato ends up helping at a nabe stand, even though she doesn’t know how to prepare nabe, what she cooks happens to be delicious. After all of this, Kobato wonders into a grandmother with a crying baby after talking to her for a little bit about how the baby calms down after his mother sings to him. Kobato then decides that she will sing to soothe the baby, she sings incredibly well that not only the baby stops crying but a crowd gathers around, that guy who saved her also happens to her the song. After the song ended the crowd took her away, because they were so impressed by her singing voice.  It’s not until much later that the old lady is able to give her thanks to Kobato, this however manages to convice Ioryogi that she is worthy of passing, therefore he gives her the bottle.

Next Episode: Sparkling Candy.

Ending Theme: “Jellyfish no Kokuhaku” 「ジェリーフィッシュの告白」 by Nakajima Megumi 「中島愛」

Kobato. - Ending - Large 01Kobato. - Ending - Large 02Kobato. - Ending - Large 03

Personal Opinion:

Before I give my opinion on the episode I would like to comment on the Opening and Ending songs of Kobato.  The opening song was great considering the nature of show and how it only focused on her throughout the opening except for near the end where it showed Fugimoto & Sayaka. It reminded me of another one of Clamps shows Cardcaptor Sakura even though I weren’t a fan of the show I watched it through to the end for my little sisters sake. The ending is on considerably high terms muhc to the opinion I gave on the opening  the song was really pleasent throughout and brought the episode to a happy mellow ending.

So my intial opinion on the episode is that it turned out to be a show packed with comedy as much as cuteness that I secretly hoped it would be. I can’t pick a specific scene to show this oh wait scratch that idea the scene where she’s making nabe is a fantastic example. Even though they didn’t didn’t animate everything that was in teh manga that lead up to Kobato geting the bottle, but I think its better this way  as they can get to the heart of the story faster.

Accordingly this brings me onto some of the characters in the story that have been in this episode the main ones being Kobato, Ioryogi & Fugimoto. Kobato is a very naive girl, who doesn’t have much common sense  this does however make her very innocent, dedicated and caring. Somehow I can’t help but value her outlook on life even if it is wrong I’d like to think that life is like that. Kobato is voiced by  Hanazawa Kana. Now on to Ioryogi, he is Kobato’s companion who appears to be a stuffed dog. Ioryogi’s personality is rather bad he is short-tempered, foul-mouthed and cruel, but I think this is so that Kobato can get the wish she wants from heaven. Ioryogi is voiced by Tetsu Inada. Finally onto Fugimoto he is very blunt and sarcastic, for some strange reason I can’t help but to like him he seems to be the type of person who can tell if people are bad or good, I think he’s my favourite character. Fugimoto is voiced by Maeno Tomoaki.

The production quality of this episode was exceptionally high I think that Madhouse did an exceptional job on capturing and animating the Clamp style that in turn made the manga so cute. Some of the background music I liked for example, like the piece they played after Kobato finished singing, also the insert song scene was a nice way to finish off the very cute, funny episode.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


4 responses to “Kobato 1 – The girl who Wishes

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  1. Ahhhh… so filled with cuteness. Yes, I’d have to say when I first saw Kobato in the manga she reminded me of Cardcaptor Sakura… one of the first animes I really got into back in the day as a kid, Pokemon and InuYasha being the other ones I’ve watched back at that time…

    I liked how they did this. They really brought the manga to life and the opening was adorable. The ending theme is alright I guess, it’s very fitting for the anime though. Fujimoto is also my favorite character. I can find alot of my personality reflected in him.

    Loryogi is epic… I’m telling ya that’s ONE evil-looking dog *laughs* he’s also one of my favorites because his character really spices up the storyline and prevents it from become too slow-paced and dull.

    • Yeah it was, extremely cute I must admit usually I’m not a fan of this genre of animé but I think that it managed to convert me somewhat. You know what I’ve never read the manga yet but I think I will after the series is over. Actually, I agree with you on that part she does remind me of Cardcaptor Sakura, (sadly I must admit also one of the first anime’s I’ve seen besides, Pokemon, Digimon and hate to say this Sailor Moon.)

      Yeah I really like the opening. Fujimoto is amazing for some reason I can compare him to myself in some respects (even though I’m a girl) plus also a lot of my male friends are similar to him..

      Evil!!! I think you have the right word that describes Ioryogi right down to the bone. Yeah I’d agree he’d be my second favourite character as I like the way he makes the plots more lively and fun and enjoyable to watch. It’s just as you mentioned he does prevent the show from being dull.

      Neon Star - ネオン星
      • Wow, that’s nice to hear. I usually don’t watch cutesy anime either, but I’ve had a thing for CLAMP for a long time which is why I just jumped into it. I used to be real hyped over them several years ago but it’s really died down actually because of Tsubasa Chronicles. That’s a good anime, but for some reason it kinda turned me down with the fact that Sakura and Soyran had to start their romance ALL over again… it really pissed me off, but at the same time, I couldn’t completely hate the series… I like the concept of “crossing over” different worlds and the sound track for it was so haunting, I loved it so much… Well, now I have to get around to see the other two episodes now…

        I was wondering, did you hear that InuYasha started to a new season? InuYasha: The final Act… it looks good so far, it’s going to play to the definite end of the series. I haven’t read the manga ending because I haven’t read the manga entirely, I figured I’d just stay with anime… too much I have others to get to…

      • Well I think I should start looking for something like this in the future as it really did end up surprising me. Tsubasa Chronicles I’ve heard a lot about that never really got round to watching it, if I can recall my sister watched the first ten episodes and couldn’t really get into it, so I initially thought if she can’t follow it then maybe I can’t. But for now after my essays for university are out of the way I might consider watching it. I actually love the concept of “Crossing Over”.

        Yeah I have heard about that as one of my friends is a really big InuYasha fan and naturally he told me to blog it, but I was never a fan of the series to begin with so I didn’t follow through on the request unfortunately. I’m sure I’ve read on forums and the proper InuYasha site that it is the end of the series but the information could be wrong, I will double check and let you know about it.

        Neon Star - ネオン星

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