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Summary for 465:

Let’s begin, so apparently Sasuke uses Susanoo and his target is the pillar that his stabilising the building as everyone tries to dodge the falling building it’s up to Gaara to use his sand to protect them all. During all of this Sasuke then proceeds to ask Karin if she as managed to find Danzo yet she says she has and then Sasuke then decides that she should guide him there, however Karin decides to ask Sasuke about what they should do about Juugo & Suigetsu, Sasuke just dismisses it and said the more important issue here is finding Danzo. Karin is wondering what happened to him as she begins to lead them to Danzo’s position,  while all there talking is happening it shifts to the Raikage and Kazekage trying to protect their comrades.  Darui apologises to the Kazekage though Kankurō just insults Sasuke and implies that he used the falling building as a distraction to escape from them, the Raikage thinks that they should chase after them, Gaara wonders what Naruto would’ve done in that situation.

Meanwhile we are shown Suigetsu who managed to get away unarmed after the cave in since he liquidized, but he is wondering what happened to Sasuke, Karin & Juugo which we then have the courtesy of seeing trying to get the life force of a fallen samurai it works. The scene then moves to the Kage’s who realise that Sasuke is already there, and that he’s coming from above them. We then see Sasuke standing on the ceiling staring down at Danzo with the intent to kill, as he’s doing that he gets attacked by on of the Kage’s bodyguards but is able to counter it easily using Chidori. This is thanks to the Sharingan Karin points out that Danzo is getting away, it appears that the Byakugan user one of the Mizukage’s bodyguard’s is going to chase after Danzo as well, and warns both the Mizukage and his partner to stay there, the Mizukage tells him not to wander too far from their current position. He understands and states that he’ll leave the “Akatsuki bastard to them” then he leaves, while the Tsuchikage tells his remaining bodyguard that they shall remain where they are since his back his hurting.

naruto 465-2

Apparently Sasuke indicates to Karin that they should also be going after Danzo, but just as he is about to something is fired directly at him, although he managed to dodge him, the Mizukage goes into a speech about how the Akatsuki had devastated the Mist village by controlling the 4th Mizukage and using him as a tool for their own purposes. Mizukage then states that he is quite handsome, and is somewhat surprised that the Uchiha’s like that exist, Chojuuro then thinks “there it is… The Mizukage’s Kekkai Genkai, the Yoton no jutsu”. Sasuke isn’t all that pleased with the sudden interaction and states to the Mizukage that she shouldn’t get involved, however Mizukage thinks it’s a shame that even though he’s so handsome that this is a waste.

naruto 465-3

Summary for 466:

Immediately starting there battle the Mizukage says that here Sasuke shall melt into her kiss, Karin isn’t all too pleased by the sudden statement and warns her not to get her hands on Sasuke. While that’s going on Chojuuro knows that the Mizukage is really going ahead with the plan, and wonders if he’ll be able to protect her from Sasuke, as he managed to defeat Zabuza, though he manages to stop thinking like that and gets ready to fight alongside Mizukage. During this the Mizukage gets ready to attack and warns the Tsuchikage to get to safety all the Tsuchikage does is laugh. She then uses Yoton Yokai no Jutsu again on Sasuke, Karin wonders why she’s using that technique again, although Sasuke manages to defend himself from the attack, Karin on the other hand barely manages to escape. Mizukage then tells Chojuuro to attack at which he does immediately using a jutsu called “Hiramekarei” Sasuke once again manages to defend himself from the attack.

The Mizukage instantly commences chasing after Sasuke who is on the ground getting his chakra back, however during this time Karin wonders if Zetsu is dead because his chakra flow stopped she presumed that but its weird. Sasuke begins to analyse that all the cells in his body are aching is it the effect of using Susanoo too many times, Sasuke realises that this pain must be identical to what Itachi felt every time he used it. Eventually, Mizukage’s arrives to where Sasuke is and tells him now its just the two of them, this way they’ll won’t be disturbed. Apparently she specifies that she is able to use three elements which are ‘fire, water and earth’ and that she also has two kekkai genkai at her disposal, she then attacks him with “Fuuton: Komu no Jutsu” elsewhere Karin is worried about Sasuke’s prediciment. Sasuke attempts to defend himself using Susanoo but it begins to melt around him. Mizukage then goes on to explain how it always seems to hurt her when she kills someone as cute as him but this must be done. Karin is at this point overly concerned about Sasuke’s lack of sufficient chakra.

Surprisingly this weird jutsu begins to halt the Mizukage’s progress on killing Sasuke, and Karin recognises the chakra, it appears that Zetsu is actually still alive and used a justu to appear as if he was dead. Zetsu declares that everyone here is a bunch of fools for not realising this sooner than they had, the Tsuchikage notices that Zetsu most have used a time delayed jutsu before he got pummeled by the Raikage. Sasuke comments on how this is replenishing his chakra supplies, he then uses Susanoo to escape from Mizukage, and Karin asks if Sasuke is alright. Tsuchikage decides now is the time for them to intervene with the battle, and performs a jutsu that apparently as killed Sasuke much to Karin’s dismay.

naruto 466-2

At this point, the Raikage and Kazekage make their reappearance back at the meeting room, Raikage asks where Sasuke is and the Tsuchikage declares that he smashed him to bits. Raikage isn’t all to thrilled about the current predicament but lets it slide. Madara Uchiha appears at the meeting at tells Raikage that he will surely have another chance to fight him, however before he gets the chance to do that he wants to discuss with them about his goal “The Moon Eye Plan”.

naruto 466-3

Personal Opinion:

These chapter’s made me think about how much I detest Sasuke’s character development, I know everything that he is doing now is for the sake of his recently deceased brother, which I must point out he killed by himself. However he is beginning to get to involved with the Kage’s to notice that he isn’t advancing on his mission to kill the overly weird Danzo, though there was a little bit I liked when Sasuke was staring at Danzo with tremendous killing intent, also when he realised how much pain Itachi suffered for using Susanoo too much, at least he still has some feelings left to understand what pain is to the body. Somehow, I still don’t like Karin as a character I don’t really see the point in her being there at all she’s a little unnecessary and reminds me too much of Sakura back in Part 1.

So I feel that these chapters focused mainly on the conclusion of the battle between the Kazekage & Sasuke, then progressed onto the Mizukage & Sasuke battle which wasn’t nearly as exciting as the previous battle, but I think the Mizukage has some really powerful Kekkai Genkai in her, which was shown in 466. I found it extremely exciting that the Mizukage was teasing Sasuke by using his looks, although this is a underhanded trick merely used to decieve Sasuke, it showed that her character is really quite adverse in Seriousness and humour, I’m beginning to like her now. However I felt that this battle didn’t show how capable her abilities were which qualified in making her a Kage.

Zetsu had surprisingly used a jutsu of some time to help turn the tables on the result battle between Mizukage & Sasuke, at least we now know another justu he can perform his character his beginning to get some development in my opinion. On the other hand, at the end of 466 when Madara came to talk to the kage’s about his plan, could this plan be so good that he has no desirte to fear an enemies. Or maybe it could be latter that he may require the help of the Kage’s. It all sounds pretty insightful to me that he is there willing to speak to them about it, and that he was the one who rescued Sasuke from the attack the Tsuchikage performed on him, it looked to me like Madara, despite using Sasuke as his tool that he actually that he didn’t want to end the Uchiha line just like that.

Danzo is still another mystery to be observed carefully by me I can’t really put my finger on it now since his character hasn’t been explained in much detail, all I know is that he’s extremely talented in the art of deception, also his root shinobi are something that need to be more closely linked to the current plot line.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


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