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bleach 375-1+bleach 376-1

Summary for 375:

Well it seems that Starrk is remembering his past when someone had asked him if this was a result of his handy work,  and he just replies that they ended up that way. Apparently Starrk states that this person talking to him appears to be no slouch either, the figure answers back sarcastically and then states his intentions are, this appears to interest Starrk and instantly replies that he’s in luck  cause they’re looking to have their services appreciated. Starrk then appears to follow Aizen who the person was who approached him, to see his fellow comrades, are and briefly states that as it appears Aizen can be near them without anything bad happening to him. The scene then goes back to the present where Starrk apologises to Aizen for holding out on his part of their agreement, Starrk then thinks  that thanks to Aizen he was no longer alone in the world. Flash backs of a time when Starrk split his soul into two so that he wasn’t alone they’ll go wherever whenever they want for all of eternity.

The time comes back to the present where Starrk is down for the count and Shunsui is watching as he falls to the ground. Love tells Shunsui he didn’t even break a sweat when fighting Starrk, Shunsui just appears to laugh it off and is happy that they aren’t injured, Love then states that he hasn’t changed since the last time he saw him. Love says “Always sticking your nose into places it doesn’t belong…That’s a sure fire way to lose cool points, you know?” Shunsui whilst hearing Love out seals his zanpakutō into a normal katana before going into detail about how you can’t afford to lose out on opportunities for something as superficial as that  he then goes on to say that because he is a captain he doesn’t have any of those luxuries. Though, as soon as you set foot and cross paths with an enemy on the battlefield and both sides are condemnable.

bleach 375-2bleach 375-3

Meanwhile the fight between Harribel, Lisa, Hiyori and Hitsugaya rages on. Lisa releases her shikai state of her sword, which after that Hiyori & Hitsugaya also release their shikai states as well and it  overwhelms Harribel, she doesn’t have the time to try and defend herself as the three of them attack from 3 different points. Aizen appears to be watching this and then tells Gin who is preoccupied in fighting Shinji that he’s growing tired of this  and that they should end this now. Just as he says that Harribel is able to break free from the ice block that Hitsugaya put her in and wonders what Aizen means by that just then he attacks her at point blank range.

bleach 375-4

Summary for 376:

Beginning where the last chapter ended  with Aizen stating that bringing his prized Espada here when the shinigami and the vizard are united would be pointless and he then declares that his power alone his more than all of their combined releases. Harribel then attacks Aizen but his shocked when it appears to his illusion as he appears behind her and sticks his blade in her, as he points out this is the only time that she will use her blade against him. After that little bit of killing Aizen declares that it’s time for the main attraction to begin, the proper annihilation of the Gotei thirteen and The Vizard’s.

Meanwhile, Mashiro witnesses Aizen’s disgust and can’t believe that he was easily able to defeat an Espada, while Mashiro appears Wonderweiss tries to attack her Kensei warns her and Mashiro proclaims that she already knows. Kensei seems a little displeased at Mashiro’s lack of pace when fighting foes of Espada caliber, he basically tells her to take her mask off and use the time to recover from using her hollow form too long. Mashiro however laughs at Kensei’s warning and reminds him that she’s able to stay 15 hours in her hollowfication, Wonderweiss tries another sneak attack but Mashiro isn’t having at and tells him that “The grown ups haven’t finished talking yet!!!” Wonderweiss is knocked to the ground incredibly hard and then begins to attack her again.

bleach 376-2

It appears that during this attack Wonderweiss manages to tear a part of Mashiro’s scarf and this apparently makes Mashiro angry and she goes to attack Wonderweiss with her ‘Super Duper Cero!’ Although it appears that Wonderweiss nullified the attack and Mashiro goes in for another attack but just then her mask begins to break and she states that her time is up, just as Wonderweiss punches Mashiro relatively hard in the face, he then goes for another attack but is stopped by Kensei. Kensei warns Wonderweiss that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes down to handling kids and beatings and he better be ready for that.

bleach 376-3

Personal Opinion:

Well I can now officially say the fight as only just started rolling (been wanting to say that for ages) anyway Starrk the Primera Espada didn’t really appear all that strong to me I don’t really know what Aizen saw in him or what his potential was since, his battle didn’t really interest me so much. However, the one thing I did like about Starrk was his loneliness and how he created Lilynette from that, and even though he doesn’t particularly like fighting so much, he did appear to have some relevant battle experience under his belt.

On the other hand, Shunsui manages to easily finish him off without breaking a sweat clearly shows me that even though Shunsui’s overall personality his laid back and lazy he has an exceptional amount of battle experience so he works easy work of Starrk. Love and Shunsui’s interaction seemed quite interesting especially when Shunsui went into detail how that when you are in a battle it doesn’t matter what side you are on  you can not afford to lose those advantages. I felt that is going to be one of my favourite Shunsui quotes of all time. Love was stood there shocked which was really quite a shock for me as he normally as quite a lot to say on matters.

Eventually, we get to see what Lisa and Hiyori’s shikai states are, I was really intrigued to see these I feel that they suit their personalities well. Lisa command to release her shikai is “Smash Haguro Tonbo” it then transforms into an exceptionally long spear, although I would like to know what sort of abilities it has but at least we know what it looks like. Hiyori’s command to release her shikai is “Chop cleanly Kubikiri Orochi” it then becomes like a large cleaver with serrated edges similar to that of a saw. All that is left to be shown is what Shinji’s shikai is since technically he is the only Vizard not to have released his shikai at all, then again it does look like he prefers to use his hollow powers. Mashiro & Kensei are a great set of fighters and also they’d make a good comedy duo. Anyway Mashiro is the only one of the vizard’s to fight using her mask the entire duration of her fight against Wonderweiss.

Well it appears Aizen as had enough of the little child games that have been going on and decides to take on the entire Gotei Thirteen and Vizard’s on his own, I think that he is beginning to think that he can defeat anyone now. Man I really hate antagonists like that who think they are better than everyone else when they might not necessarily be. If I could compare him to someone from another manga it’d have to be Sasuke from Naruto. The only plus side to this is that Kubo-sensei is moving the plot along now.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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