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The episode starts off where the last episode finished, with Muramasa in the Menos forest destroying the hollows that are approaching him, until he eventually finds the one he’s looking for. The scene then shifts to Momo running away from Tobiume, eventually Tobiume decides to tell Momo that all through her life that she has turned a blind eye to reality, Momo wonders what she’s implying. Tobiume states that she was betrayed by the one person she had trusted her entire life and all she could do was sit and watch her and it infuriated her. Momo is shocked by Tobiume’s revelation however Tobiume proceeds by stating that she can’t even look at her anymore and will get rid of her permanently then she shoots a fireball at her which send her flying into a nearby tree. Tobiume asks if its painful and confesses this is what living in reality feels like.

Moving over to Matsumoto’s fight with Haineko,  they are both going at it with some force each of their zanpakutō are colliding with each other. Haineko states that Matsumoto needs to get off her high horse and begins to insult her calling her an ‘hag’ Matsumoto got a little annoyed with Haineko’s attitude, then she heard a crash in the direction of Momo’s battle she turned to take a look and Haineko noticed this and hit her with force making her land on the branch below. Matsumoto wonders what Haineko’s problem is, and Haineko says bluntly to face the facts that she’s not hot anymore and that all women have an expiry date on them and she expired long ago; this fact really pissed Matsumoto off and she lunged at Haineko she managed to get a hold off Haineko’s foot and they exchanged a few words before they began to pull each others hair.

Momo rises and Tobiume offers one last word of advice to her, stating that the people she thought were her friends are not, and are lying to her. Momo thinks only Tobiume thinks that way, and Tobiume then continues to try and turn Momo against Matsumoto. Matsumoto and Haineko are both still pulling each others hair and Haineko continues to insult her again and again, they break apart and Haineko basically tells Matsumoto to die and then goes all out and releases the shikai form of herself around Matsumoto. However, both Matsumoto and Momo begin chanting kidō spells which doesn’t connect with their zanpakutō spirits but in fact manages to hit the others zanpakutō spirit. When both Haineko, and Tobiume land on the floor bound to each other, Haineko begins to explain that Matsumoto is just an old hag, but Momo steps in and begins to talk about how she can’t wait to become older as with age comes wisdom.

Meanwhile,  Hitsugaya asserts to Hyōrinmaru that he is indeed his wielder, though Hyōrinmaru doesn’t believe him and begins to say that a child can not control his power. Hitsugaya proceeds asking Hyōrinmaru if Muramasa did something to him, in which Hyōrinmaru swiftly states that he maybe currently working under Muramasa but his memories are lost when he was unsealed and he’s looking for his master. He repeats that a child such as Hitsugaya can not be his master which infuriates Hitsugaya. Immediately both Hitsugaya and Hyōrinamru commences fighting and Hitsugaya tries a kidō spell on Hyōrinmaru but Hyōrinmaru easily manages to dissolve it with ice, which shocks Hitsugaya. As their fight continues, Hyōrinmaru’s tremendous power turns the whole of Soul Society’s sky black.

However, this reminds Hitsugaya of many years ago when he had felt similar because he had been ostracized by people who were afraid of him and his icy demeanor. Back then, he had a recurring dream of which an ice dragon was calling out to him, and one night, Matsumoto visited him because his reiatsu had been uncontrolled while he slept which resulted in his grandmother’s illness. It appears that Matsumoto was the one who convinced Hitsugaya to become a shinigami. With all of these memories, Hitsugaya is now able to achieve the shikai of his zanpakutō which shocks Hyōrinmaru and attacks his zanpakutō spirit with it, which results in both of them in ice. Hitsugaya then reminds Hyōrinmaru that it was indeed him who had heard his voice, eventually Hyōrinmaru realises who he is and Hitsugaya is relieved. It appears that Ichigo has successfully managed to do a Getsuga Tenshō and escaped from the ice prison Hyōrinmaru looked him in and witnesses all of their battle, he watches as Hyōrinmaru bring Hitsugaya down to the ground. At around the same time,  in the Menos Forest, Muramasa fights against the shadowy hollow figure and begins to do something with the body.

Preview: Byakuya’s Betrayal (Technically there wasn’t any official preview for next weeks episode)

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Personal Opinion:

So this episode turned out to be ridiculously entertaining, even though I wasn’t all that intrigued to know the outcome of Momo’s & Matsumoto’s battle with their zanpakutō’s. Though the directors I must applaud them on their decision to make the episode be divided up into two parts. Especially since the half which consisted oh Hitsugaya’s and Hyōrinmaru’s battle was done precisely well in animation-wise and story-wise, I really loved how they managed to skillfully manage to work in chapter 15 of the manga into that half as well. On the other hand no matter how good the episode is I still manage to have a complaint which is directed at Ichigo who was made to look a fool again for being trapped inside the ice prison for far too long even though he had already initiated bankai, I thought the first attack that he would have used to escape would’ve been Getsuga Tenshō considering that is his favourite move.

It appears to me that they are trying to set us up for the next part of The Unknown Zanpakutō Tales Arc, which is going to involve why Muramasa was inside the Menos Forest, and destroying all of those hollows. From what I can make out judging from the silhouettes shape that Muramasa was fighting a Vaste Lorde class Menos, he could be trying to duplicate Ichigo’s power in some way.

So onto my opinion of Momo’s fight with Tobiume, I felt that Tobiume was a little harsh for her own good, yes Momo might trust people far too much, which could make her weak, but she is still young and will eventually learn from her mistakes. Though apparently Momo’s strong knowledge in kidō managed to overturn her against Tobiume and manage to capture her thanks to her and Matsumoto’s cunning deception. Moving onto Matsumoto’s and Haineko’s fight, I was really annoyed with Haineko’s total lack of respect towards Matsumoto, I mean even though she’s physically not inside Matsumoto’s zanpakutō anymore but it doesn’t give her the right to complain about Matsumoto’s vanity. By the end of their battle I myself wanted to kill Haineko for her over dramatic use of insults.

Even though both Matsumoto and Momo managed to capture there zanpakutō spirits wasn’t as interesting as Ichigo’s & Renji’s re-capture of their spirits a let down. Though, I must mention Momo’s speech about how she can’t wait until she’s an adult was inspiring it somehow managed to show how much she appreciates Matsumoto’s wisdom. Otherwise this episode would have been one of the best.

Okay onto a slightly different note the new opening and ending have been announced earlier this week. The new opening will be Anima Rossa by Porno Graffiti. The new ending will be Sakurabito by Sunset Swish. However the songs will not premier until episode 243 which will be on October 27th.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


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