Naruto 463 & 464 – Sasuke Vs. Raikage & The Power Of Darkness   3 comments

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Summary for 463:

Beginning with a head on collision between Sasuke’s Chidori and the Raikage’s Elbow. Though Sasuke realises that he didn’t really injure the Raikage although he did manage to touch him while Raikage had his raiton armour on, however the Raikage pile drives Sasuke into the ground the move is called Raiga Bomb. Meanwhile Suigetsu can’t believe Sasuke’s plan didn’t work, although it appears that Darui’s lightning is by far the strongest against Suigetsu’s water jutsus, Karin simply watches in complete shock to the Raikage’s amazing chakra. Everyone thinks that its over and the samurai is amazed at the Raikage’s nin-taijutsu.

Darui goes over to Shii to see if he’s alright, and Shii asks if Sasuke’s dead. Apparently Sasuke isn’t dead he’s activated the Mangekyou Sharingan, the Raikage doesn’t seem that scared of it and simply gets angry, though Darui can’t believe that he’s still alive after taking that, he also notices that the bones weren’t there before, and wonders what the hell is Sasuke.  Shii explains that he lost out to Sasuke’s genjutsu, the samurai watching him curses Sasuke and  then the reinforcements arrive. Darui notices that Sasuke’s eyes are looking a tad different from before, Shii realises it’s the Mangekyou Sharingan and understands why the Raikage had boosted his chakra, he is intending to oppose it with Shunsin no Jutsu.

In the meantime, Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato are still trying to come to terms with Madara’s goals, and basically tells Naruto that he will smash Sasuke into him so that the two of them can battle, and he says he wants Sasuke to prove the Uchiha’s existence. Naruto is angry and instantly retorts with “Sasuke is not your toy!! Don’t just say whatever you like!!” Madara then asks Naruto if he plans to change Sasuke’s mind just like he did with Nagato, thats basically doing the exact same thing as he is. Naruto shouts at Madara not to lump himself with Nagato, even though his methods were wrong all he wanted was peace, and Madara is different. Kakashi says its ridiculous if all Madara wants is for the Uchiha’s existence to be present why is he collecting the Bijuu, then Kakashi proceeds to ask him a question, what is his real objective? What is it that you want?

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Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto are all confused by what Madara means by “to attain perfection” they try to ask him what he means, but he just states there’s no point in explaining it to them and they’ll talk again someplace where is more effective for him.

Heading immediately back to Sasuke’s fight he has just unleashed Amaterasu on the Raikage who manages to dodge the black flames fairly easily, they end up on a samurai who was watching the battle. One of the other samurai’s offer to put out the flames but is immediately told not to touch or get to close to them as they are not ordinary flames, while Sasuke is distracted the Raikage goes in for a sneak attack however, Sasuke manages to form a shield around him from Amaterasu’s flames. Though the Raikage still manages to punch him pretty hard even letting him have his left arm as Darui stated when Sasuke landed on the ground the Raikage said it was over and went to kick him.

naruto 463-3

Summary for 464:

Picking up from where the last chapter end the Raikage proceeds with his Guillotine Drop on Sasuke initiates Amaterasu in his right eye to protect himself from the attack, just as the Raikage is about to land the attack he is stopped by sand that’s separating his leg from the black flames. Apparently Gaara is standing there while Temari does an attack to get the Raikage away from Gaara, Sasuke realises immediately who it is. Gaara warns the samurai to stay back as this is a fight between Shinobi and not them, which the samurai apologise and leave the rest to Gaara.

Raikage asks the Kazekage why he bothered to obstruct him from Sasuke which Gaara simply reminds him that if he had carried on he would have only worsened his own injuries, plus he as something which he would like to discuss with Sasuke. The Raikage isn’t happy but he lets Gaara off and proceeds over to Shii and asks him to stop the bleeding that way he can finish Sasuke off, Shii does what he is told and begins to heal the injury to Raikage’s arm.

Gaara starts off by saying that Sasuke’s eyes are the same as the last time they met, he then continues to say that he has learned through experiences that living only for revenge will get you nowhere, he also thinks it’s not too late for Sasuke to return to Konoha. Sasuke replies that if he did indeed go back to Konoha what would he find there? Kankuro tells Gaara to give it up he isn’t listening and that he is nothing like he was, Temari says that the Raikage and others who have been hurt by Akatsuki won’t simply forgive his actions. Gaara tells Sasuke that both of them are similar, that even a little bit of hope can reach there hearts, in the past and now. Sasuke retorts by stating that he closed his eyes a long time ago, and his life objective lies only with darkness.

naruto 464-2

“Yes… I am quite aware!”

Karin as managed to find where Danzo is hiding, and realises that she should tell Sasuke. Meanwhile, over in the Hokage conference room, one of Danzo’s Anbu Root agents realises that Sasuke’s team as a tracker in them and tells Danzou, who says “we stay where we are… If they do come here we can take advantage of the confusion and leave this place.” One of the Mizukage’s guards the one with the Byakugan tells them to be quiet and informs them that he is a tracker-type as well he knows that they’ve discovered their position but they are to remain where they are.

Heading back to Sasuke and Gaara’s fight, Sasuke is surprised that Gaara’s absolute defense can guard against his enton to that extent, he says sarcastically that is defense is still in good shape, I see. The Raikage appears to be losing his patience and pesters Shii about his arm which still hasn’t been fully healed yet. Darui offers to help the Suna ninja’s by firing the first shot, which is followed by Temari’s, then Kankuro’s and finally Gaara’s attack, this doesn’t seem to bother Sasuke in the slightest and he remains in his place until the attacks have landed. Sasuke tells Gaara that this defense of his far surpasses Gaara’s ultimate defense.

naruto 464-3

Raikage wonders if this is what Sasuke used to guard against his enormous attacks, Shii recognises that this chakra is the same as the one used in the genjutsu before, Suigetsu says that it looks pretty nasty, while Juugo wonders if this is what Sasuke wanted to try out. Karin also recognises Sasuke’s drastic change in chakra that its more cold a different Sasuke, a samurai wonders what it is while Gaara asks Sasuke if that is the power of darkness, in which Sasuke says that this technique can only be used when you awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes it’s called Susanoo.

naruto 464-4

Personal Opinion:

Well what is there that I can really say about these two chapters, except for the fact that I’m only growing to detest Sasuke even more than I did before. Though, I’m not really sure what exactly makes me hate Sasuke so damn much, maybe its cause he killed Itachi or maybe it’s because of all the hurtful things he said to Naruto in the past, but all in all his character is getting a little to stuck up for his own good. What gives Sasuke the right to kill everyone in Konoha, just for the sin of one person, I understand it’s revenge that is driving him forward. Ahh, I think I’m beginning to ramble a bit onto my views of the chapters.

Apparently we learn that the Raikage as an abnormal amount of chakra, this can almost be compared to normal people according to what we are told it’s almost the same level as a Bijuu. It appears that the Raikage was easily able to block most of Sasuke’s attacks due to this super awesome Raiton Armour, I think I am starting to like the Raikage a little more than I did in previous chapters.Apparently when the Raikage’s left arm got caught in the black flames, and Shii was healing him, was he just stopping the bleeding or was he doing some sort of regenerating healing ability similar to Tsunade’s I would gladly appreciate your opinions on the matter.

The reappearance of Gaara was also shown in 464 and I must say I was waiting for something like that, being as I’m a massive fan of Gaara (just like I am with Itachi, Neji, Naruto and the Fourth Hokage aka Namikaze Minato.) It seems that Kishimoto-sensei heard my pleas to involve Gaara, so Gaara is only there to kill Sasuke and try to talk him into going back to Konoha. Though, it was awesome to see Gaara again it did however manage to show some of Gaara’s jutsu’s which apparently are pretty strong considering that he hasn’t got the power of Shukaku residing in him anymore. However, even though he was unsuccessful in talking to Sasuke, the single tear that he shed when Sasuke declined him was really powerful. It reminded me of all the things that have happened to him in the past and even what happened between him and Naruto.

I feel that if Sasuke wants to live his one and only chance resides with Naruto and Konoha, at least that will give him the chance to get away from the Kage’s who are pestering him constantly though I’m pretty sure that he’d be able to avoid fighting them if necessary. From a couple of chapters back we know that Konoha wants to be the ones who personally deal with Sasuke, in simple terms they will take all the necessary means to defeat him without any other countries help.

Although, not much is mentioned about this we have at least figured out a little more of the puzzle concerning what Madara’s true intentions are with Sasuke and concerning his capturing of the Bijuu. Apparently it’s all for his perception of perfection that he’s capturing the Bijuu, while on the other hand he’s using Sasuke to fight and for people to finally accept the Uchiha’s existence. Sasuke also manages to use Susanoo in 464 against Gaara, claiming it to be the ultimate defense better than Gaara’s. Though I think that Sasuke’s version of Susanoo is incomplete, but it appears that Karin doesn’t like the feel of his chakra when he uses the technique, hmm I wonder why, hopefully there should be some reason for that.

Danzo is another suspicious character that intrigues me I wonder what his plan is, it can’t be good for Konoha considering how much he doesn’t particularly like Konoha and for what he subjected Itachi into doing I really hate him for that. Though it fascinates me as to what the Anbu Root actually are not much is known about them. Hmm, hopefully there will be some answers from Kishimoto-sensei regarding these pressing issues that are occurring.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


3 responses to “Naruto 463 & 464 – Sasuke Vs. Raikage & The Power Of Darkness

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  1. I think that you simplify it too much when you say the sins of one person. His whole clan was murdered by orders of the elders. Itachi was already dying so it was inevitable. He died because it was his time to. Had he not been sick, he would still be alive as he had Susanoo. Not forgetting how much he tormented Sasuke when he was small. Remember how he used his MS to force Sasuke to relieve the murders. Sasuke was a kind kid who just wanted to be a policeman. The person he is today is all because of Itachi. I cannot imagine anyone being normal after all that Sasuke has experienced. I know that I would not be. I hope that this Itachi left something good in Naruto because he owes it to Sasuke to get him out of all this pain that he caused him.

    • you are talking abaout the crow that itachi forced naruto to eat im shippudden of course…i wonder if that is a way of escaping/protecting from the amaterasu…no…my best bet is something like a vision or a story of itachi in a form of message for sasuke change his mind about attacking naruto and the village,maybe that message will appear when sasuke put his sharingan into naruto.well,it would make sense because people is hating sasuke too much,i’am hating him and i can’t stand him!maybe the author is going to do something useful with susake,him tired of a lot of bad guys…kabuto and madara should be only the bad guys with a couple of guys helping them i think…well,lets just wait and see what happens!
      Cheers bitches!

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