Bleach 373 & 374 – Wolves Ain’t Howl Alone & Gray Wolves, Crimson Blood, Raven Clothes, Ivory Bones   Leave a comment

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Summary for 373:

Picking up from where last weeks chapter finished Love is astounded the the sheer amount of wolves Starrk as managed to call up, and Lilynette basically instructs Starrk to attack them, in which he does. Rose & Love notice the approaching danger and decide to put on there masks, as the wolves are heading there way fairly quickly. The first bunch of wolves detonate at a close range to Love & Rose, however Rose decides to release his shikai with the command ‘Play’ but the wolves are very determined and refuse to stop after being defeated.

bleach 373-2

It appears that the wolves are the one thing that seems to get on Rose’s nerves and he uses one of his shikai’s special abilities to help get rid of the wolves. However Love thinks that is move looks pretty magical and then Rose tells him to be quiet and that “You’ve got to be kidding me!! This is nothing like magic! It’s art!” While they are busy arguing over artistry and voodoo the wolves are slowly surrounding them so they can not escape from them, both Love and Rose realise that they are trouble as the wolves detonate around them causing a massive explosion.

bleach 373-3

Apparently Love as figured out the secret of the wolves and then begins to tell Rose that they are not dealing with flames but that the wolves are in fact cero’s that Starrk as been constantly firing on after the other, and also warns Rose not to let the wolves surround them otherwise they’ll be in a whole lot of pain. However, Starrk begins to explain to Love & Rose that they are not dealing with a cero as it doesn’t have enough fire power to harm fighter’s of their caliber let alone managing to give them such damage; he mentions that he is able to give a little of his life force to have the wolves appear alongside of him, so basically they’re dealing with the essence of Lilynette and Starrk themselves. Starrk then reminds them that is why he was given the rank of Primera Espada.

Stark then gives hints to Love & Rose stating how it isn’t shameful to throw in the towel when times are like this if they do that he shall not pursue this matter any further. Though Love is having none of that and says that he’d rather have his wolves coming out of his ass then flee from him, Starrk already anticipated this and realises that he will never get used to having to stain his hands with the blood of others. As he gets ready to finish them off a blade stabs him right through his chest.

bleach 373-4

Summary for 374:

Immediately Starrk wonders who it is who managed to stab him, while Love and Rose look on equally as surprised as Starrk. Apparently the zanpakutō belonged to Shunsui who stands there ready to fight Starrk even though he’s injured, Starrk is impressed with Shunsui’s blade however he wonders why he has been holding out on him all this time. Shunsui explains that he wasn’t holding out on him, that sometimes is zanpakutō is lazy and makes him do all the hard work. Shunsui then explains that Katen Kyōkotsu has the ability to turn children games into reality.

In this case take Kageoni, the person who gets there shadow stepped on is the loser, and the other one manages to keep his life, so the loser forfeits it. Shunsui then tells Starrk that its pretty self- indulgent, he then mentions that sometimes he feels like a puppet whose on strings that’s being controlled by Katen Kyōkotsu, but eventually he’s got used to it isn’t that right. Shunsui then starts to drop his zanpakutō the ground and he’s happy that Starrk is still a kid at heart as he dodged it.

bleach 374-2

Starrk gets ready to strike with a sword he’s gotten, but just as he’s about to attack Shunsui uses another one of Katen Kyōkotsu’s abilities. The ability is called ‘Irooni gray’, which proceeds to collide with Starrk’s arm, however Starrk notices something odd with this as he only grazed his arm, but it feels like he’s missing a limb. Starrk begins to figure out the secret behind Shunsui’s attack and then Shunsui’s wonders if the cat’s got his tongue. The ball is now in Starrk’s court and he then manages to say the colour white and connects an attack against Shunsui.

Shunsui manages to state that Starrk is a tough person to figure out, and Starrk also thinks the same about Shunsui, and then he goes into a little flashback about how he envies the feeble and frail. Starrk remembers how he watched all of his fellow comrades die and leave him alone, in order to fill the void that was left he split his soul into two so he would never be lonely. Both Shunsui and Starrk exchange a couple of blows before Shunsui decides to finish it and calls the colour ‘black’ which finishes off Starrk.

bleach 374-3

Personal Opinion:

Well these chapters were really intriguing for me as now we finally get to see what Rose’s shikai looks like and what attacks it can do, it’s release command is ‘Play Kinshara’ which extends his zanpakutō becomes a whip and at the end of it is a flower, it appears that his zanpakutō can be used as a close, mid or long range weapon. It appears to have a special ability called ‘Izayoi Bara’ this allows the flower at the end of his zanpakutō attach to the enemy they he mimics playing the keys on a piano and it creates a vortex that surrounds the enemy.

I thought that it was quite a let down considering how Love & Rose never released there bankai’s they have to have them since they were captains and its like a requirement for every captain to have a bankai well except for Kenpachi who doesn’t even know the name of his sword. Anyway, I thought that Starrk would have more tricks up his sleeve than that considering he’s the Primera Espada, the little bit of information about his past intrigued me a little considering that he has always been alone in this world.

Pressing ahead, I was surprised to know that it was Shunsui’s zanpakutō that pierced Starrk, it seems his zanpakutō Katen Kyōkotsu has the ability to make children games a reality, well at least its powers are original compared to the others. To be honest I’m actually growing to like him quite a lot, his complete laid back attitude reminds me of myself, and its not very often that a captain that can’t be bothered to do any of his work. However I feel that all of this attention that Kubo-sensei is giving Shunsui will eventually lead to him revealing his bankai which I now can’t wait to be revealed to us. I liked it when Shunsui went into detail about how his zanpakutō controls the rules and whoever makes a step into the boundaries its set up through its reiatsu will be forced to play the game until one gains victory.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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