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Ichigo reports his findings to Ukitake, Shunsui & Unohara, though all Ichigo can tell them is that Muramasa uses some sort of mind control on their zanpakutō. Following their little discussion with Ichigo the Captains decide to bring in Renji and see if his zanpakutō spirits can offer any more information about Muramasa’s abilities but Renji’s spirits don’t remember what happened to them. Although Renji’s zanpakutō’s spirits are taunting him which causes Renji to run after them in a comedic fashion and he ends up landing and sliding across the table and stops in front of Unohara.

After the scenes goes to the following zanpakutō’s Kazeshini, Gegetsuburi & Hōzukimaru sitting around a table, Hōzukimaru simply states that Zabimaru got their butts kicked by their shinigami. Kazeshini simply laughs at this and thinks its pretty pathetic to lose to a shinigami; Gegetsuburi thinks Kazeshini is a big shot because he’s the only one who has managed to beat his shinigami, who happens to be a third-rate shinigami Kazeshini immediately replies that it is his shinigami whose the third-rate. Kazeshini is amazed how Gegetsuburi can stand working for the vice-captain of the 2nd squad, Gegetsuburi tells him never to bring that up again. Hōzukimaru tells the both of them to shut up and none of that really matters anymore and they need to just fight anyone who stands in there way or offends them.

Haineko has been stood watching the three other zanpakutō arguing and begins to laugh at them for their childish antics apparently she doesn’t like guys who are always fighting, then Tobiume appears and says basically that she is indeed as dumb as them, they start arguing with each other until Muramasa appears. Muramasa tells them that he let Kurosaki Ichigo go because he has a unique ability, which fascinates him. Kazeshini jsut thinks that he’s a weak substitute shinigami and vows to kill him if he sees him. Muramasa tells him not to, has he wants to take in Ichigo alive if its possible, Tobiume agrees she thinks sometimes if things are done that way they can be rather interesting and fun. Gegetsuburi also agrees, so does Haineko, Wabisuke & Ruriiro Kujaku.

Meanwhile back in Soul Society Ichigo is visiting Rukia who is still recovering from her battle with Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia then apologises to Ichigo, however Ichigo then proceeds to ask her a question that appears to be have bugging him for quite a while now. Ichigo then reminds her that Byakuya won’t die that easily, Rukia already knows all that but she has got a bad feeling about all of it, Ichigo tells Rukia to leave Byakuya to them and promises her that he’ll find him. Ikkaku then finds Ichigo in the hospital and he wants to know how he got back his zanpakutō, he wants Ichigo to tell him how he got back Zangetsu.

Elsewhere in Soul Society, a mysterious figure knocks out all the guards who are protecting a compound, Ōmaeda and his men stumble across the unconscious guards and decide to investigate what has happened here, though what Ōmaeda finds and encounters his own zanpakutō spirit Gegetsuburi with Hōzukimaru. Ōmaeda gets out his sword once he discovers that Gegetsuburi is wanting to fight him, but just has he is about to fight, a piece of the wall comes flying out and knocks out Ōmaeda. Ichigo & Ikkaku have managed to find themselves some zanpakuto spirits. It turns out that the other zanpakuto spirit is Ikkaku’s Hōzukimaru though Ikkaku doesn’t believe that and decides to test Hōzukimaru with ‘that’ which happens to be his lucky dance before they start fighting, which leaves Ichigo and Gegetsuburi stunned into silence. After that they begin to fight each other, which leaves Ichigo to battle with Gegetsuburi.

While Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru battle Gegetsuburi turns his sights on Ichigo and since Muramasa had stated that he wanted Ichigo to be captured alive. However before Ichigo and Gegetsuburi fight Hōzukimaru initiates his bankai, Ichigo is worried about Ikkaku, Gegetsuburi can see this and uses it as a chance to do a sneak attack which Ichigo easily manages to dodge. Ichigo then waits for Gegetsuburi to attack him, and he unseathes Zangetsu and it manages to connect with Gegetsuburi which in turn knocks him out, and the battle is over.

On the other hand, Ikkaku is having an hard time fighting Hōzukimaru when he initiated his bankai, and his thrown into the wall next to Ichigo. Though Ichigo offers to help Ikkaku out he in turn refuses the offer and just as he is abotu to attack, the battle is interrupted by Soi Fon and her covert op’s team, as well as Ukitake and Shunsui. They surround Hōzukimaru much to Ikkaku’s displeasure Hōzukimaru creates an explosion around him and manages to escape during the confusion. Although the shinigami have managed to capture Gegetsuburi, Ukitake sends him to Mayuri, it appears that during the confusion Ichigo had disappeared and tries to pursue Hōzukimaru, but he is stopped when a wave of Senbonzakura’s blades come flying at him, though Ichigo is easily able to defend himself by initiating his own bankai, and afterword he sees Byakuya standing on a nearby rooftop.

Preview: Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume

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Personal Opinion:

Well to begin with the episode was not a big let down but it didn’t excite me as much as the previous episodes have done, I think the director decided to go in another direction with this episode making it a more comedy inspired one than its predescors. I think that most of the action took place in the final third of the episode. I did find Zabimaru’s taunting of Renji funny at first but then it just got really annoying I mean why must they always make a joke of Renji, oh before I forget when Renji slid across the table and landed in front of Unohara and when she opened her eyes I’m not really sure if I laughed and cried at the same time. It sure was funny but it was equally just as scary as well I mean the look in her eyes I felt sorry for Renji.

Though, I must admit when all the zanpakutō were talking in some cave or something, I was intrigued to see that Kazeshini is a zanpakutō spirit that likes to brag a lot about defeating Hisagi but in fact he hasn’t really beat him has he? (Would appreciate other peoples view on this.) Though its really surprising that Gegetsuburi looks like Ōmaeda in the weight department and also in the brain department as well, being relatively clueless on the matter. Hōzukimaru on the other hand seemed to be calm and collected during Kazeshini’s & Gegetsuburi’s argument, or so it looked like that. In this episode you got to see a few more zanpakutō spirits such as. Wabisuke, Tobiume, Haineko, Ruriiro Kujaku & I think the zanpakutō with the cross on his head is Hyōinmaru, Hitsugaya’s zanpakutō though I could be wrong.

The latter part of the episode had some really good choreography in it between Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru, before they began there fight to the finish ‘the lucky dance’ I laughed so hard when I saw this. So Ichigo was left to fight Gegetsuburi and managed to defeat him with a single blow knock out I was already in laughing & crying stitches when that happened though. I can officially say this at least Ichigo was fighting at his appropriate level during this fight, not like the others when to me it has appeared that he’s been fighting at the opponents level not his own. Following on the same lines I felt that it was nice to see Ichigo use the speed of his bankai to cut through Senbonzakura’s blades though somehow I think they don’t show that speed so much in the manga/anime.

Speaking of which it appears that the directors have decided to at least portray Byakuya as someone who is against the shinigami’s attempts and is siding with the zanpakutō or at least it appears to look that way so maybe he might be another antagonist along with Muramasa in this Arc. Well lets hope not, seeing as Byakuya is not meant to be like that there is likely going to be a reason for that in later episodes. There has been something that’s been bugging me ever since I saw the preview for next weeks episode its been on my mind, apparently it appears that Muramasa might have some links to Hueco Mundo after all, well its only a theory so lets hope thats not the case.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


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