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Naruto 462-1

Picking up from last chapter, Raikage attacks Juugo fist first not giving Juugo a chance to defend himself since he’s so fast. Meanwhile C is being attacked by Suigetsu and C gets saved by Darui, Suigetsu compliments Darui’s sword. Back to the Raikage’s and Juugo’s fight it looks like the Raikage has managed to kill Juugo, C is surprised that they are able to keep up with the Raikage when he is using his Synapses which fire as fast as a flash of light.

Apparently it appears that Juugo was faking his death and is going to shoot the Raikage at point blank range, there’s a big flash of light and C & Darui wonder if the Raikage managed to get Juugo. However C haapens to see something apparently Sasuke was just using Juugo as a distraction to get C trapped. Darui appears to be concerned about C, Juugo thinks he was successful in killing Raikage, Karin simply looks on and thinks that Juugo is actually useful. However, just as Juugo put is guard down the Raikage attacked him.

Switching over to Naruto, who’s calling Madara a liar, Madara clearly states that they can not discuss Sasuke without discussing Itachi at the same time. Kakashi can’t understand the reason if Sasuke follows Itachi’s wishes he should return to Konoha, but Madara says “He’s the real deal…He is a true avenger.” Naruto doesn’t understand and thinks that Madara did that to him. Madara explains that he took a gamble with Sasuke not knowing which path he would choose to follow and thankfully for him he chose “revenge against Konoha”, Naruto asks why that happened to Sasuke.

Madara then explains to Naruto, Kakashi & Yamato that this is a “Hate-filled destiny of the Uchiha clan.” Madara then says that the curse began long ago with the founder of ninja’s the Rikudo Sage, The Sage of the Six Paths, Kakashi says that is just a legend he never existed. Madara corrects him and says that it was based on true events. The Rikudo Sage preached the way of ninja and tried to bring peace to the world, however it was still a dream when his time came and he gave his powers to two young boys; the eldest was born with the Sage’s “eyes” and his immense powerful chakra and spiritual energy, he believed that might was the key to peace. The youngest was born with the Sage’s “body” he inherited his life force and physical energy, he beilieved that love was the key to peace.

Naruto 462-2

While on his deathbed the Sage chose his successor, Madara says that’s where all the hatred started. So going back to the story, the Sage thought that the youngest was the best-suited to be his successor, however the elder was convinced he should have been chosen and confronted the younger brother and attacked him out of hatred.

The descendants of the two brothers still warred with each other; the desendants of the elest brother formed the Uchiha clan, while the descendants from the younger brother formed the Senju clan. Madara says his battle with the 1st Hokage was fated, Madara then says this is only the second time they’ve met but he can tell that the Senju line flows strongly through Naruto. Madara admired the 1st Hokage he was is rival but also hated him more than anyone else did.

The Uchiha and Senju, Fire & Hatred and Naruto & Sasuke, he says that the two of them have been chosen by fate. Revenge is the Uchiha clan’s destiny and Sasuke as taken all of that hatred, he will then inflict this hatred on the entire world, basically hatred, is Sasuke’s Dogma.

Naruto 462-3

Personal Opinion:

A very interesting chapter, in my opinion I thought it progressed the entire storyline along, plus it gave a lot of inslightful things about Madara’s past (not specifically Madara’s but his clan’s) and the First Hokage’s. The battle at the beginning of the chapter was pretty awesome as well, the Raikage’s immense strength is awesome, although his personality sucks,and Juugo’s power in his cursed mark form his unbelievable.

I thought that Madara’s explaination into the past events of his clan the Uchiha’s and the First Hokage’s clan the Senju, was detailed enough and pretty easy to understand, though apparently both of the clans are descendants from the Sage of the Six Paths, sons and will always be in constant war with each other, a little bit childish just because the older brother didn’t get chosen. A note, Pain’s Rinnegan is just a mutation, like the Byakugan mutated from the Sharingan, still Pain’s doujutsu was really intense and awesome. A real shame that it didn’t have a chance to get passed along to future generations like the Sharingan & Byakugan.

Anyway, I feel that Sasuke and Naruto could change the fates of both clans, they can choose their own fate and possibly even unite, after that they could then just try and focus on how to deal with the rest of the ninja world. (Though other people can have different opinions on the matter so please don’t feel obliged to take on mine I would like to hear your opinions as well.)

Sasuke’s fight with the Raikage is going to be the main attraction of the next chapter, I can tell that both Sasuke and the Raikage will be strong opponents in each of their fields. Though I’m a little intrigued that Sasuke’s Sharingan doesn’t seem to affect the Raikage I wonder why that is, I hope Kishimoto-sensei will explain this in more detail. Sasuke will probably leave the Mangekyou until last, and use it as his final attack on the Raikage,I think that would be the best possible outcome.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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  1. Great post! thanks for the update. More and more of my friends are becoming interested of Naruto.

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