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Bleach 372-1

Opening up with Love landing on a pile of rubble created from the fight that was going on between Soi Fon & Hachi and Barragan. Love told Rose to get out of the rubble and Rose starts to come out but is pulled out by Love using Rose’s hair. Rose shouts at Love for pulling him out by his hair which he states that extracting oneself from the rubble is art. Love retorts back by simply saying that he shouldn’t of got caught up in the rubble in the first place. Love can’t believe that Hachi beat him, he seemed pretty strong, Rose replies with “yeah” then love wished they would have finished of Stark first. After that they have a little discussion about vengeance and death. Love says either way the person who attacks first shall be the victor.

Love prepares to to attack Stark and releases his Shikai. Stark notices Love’s attack and shoots his gun at him, though Love seemingly doesn’t seem phased by the attack and proceeds still in attacking him. However, Stark manages to dodge the attack at the last minute and Love then attacks him once again this time actually managing to hit him.

Love notices that Starks responses have slowed down, he summarises that he’s the type to be shaken. Stark is laying in the spot and is all about ready to give up until Lilynette proceeds to question Stark and asks him why he isn’t taking revenge for his fallen comrade, Stark replied with he’s not the type for taking revenge. Stark also said this:

“It’s not like Aizen will come and save us.”

Lilynette doesn’t like that answer and begins lecturing Stark she points out that he’s just been acting cool and not trying there has to be a reason why Aizen made him #1 if you don’t want anymore of your comrades dying then you should fight. With that boost Stark agrees that he shall fight.

Bleach 372-2

Rose wonders if Love got him Love says he’s just laying there, Rose thinks that he could be plotting something and they should take a look, but Love says there’s no way they can do that until the smoke clears. Rose can’t believe that due to Love’s own attack he missed his chance to strike again, Love says he hasn’t lost yet. Eventually Stark arises and love goes to attack him again.

Love and Stark have a little conversation between themselves about how Love thought Hollows had no hearts and Stark replies with look at yourself with that mask you look like a Hollow yourself, Love then puts on his mask. Love tells Tengumaru to hang in there for a bit its going to get hot. Love directs his attack at Stark who has disappeared again Love wonders where he is. Until Rose says to look above and then Love wonders what the hell is happening, Stark appears with what appears to be a pack of Hollow wolves. before continuing their fight.

Bleach 372-3

Personal Opinion:

Well at least this chapter was interesting for me to read Love & Rose’s fight against Stark is going to be very good to read especially with all that happened in the chapter. The plot I feel is developing nicely, though maybe Rose could help Love out instead of just watching him fight.

Surprisingly, in this chapter we had a Vizard release their shikai, it was love and the command was “Crush Tengumaru” though Love’s released form is quite surprising and big, he wields it pretty well. I am curious as to what Love’s bankai is now, seeing as he will have since he was the previous captain of the 7th Division and most Captains have achieved bankai.

Throughout the chapter there were a lot of comedic phrases said between Love and Rose which for me gave the chapter a bit of comedy. I think that Rose & Love make quite a comedy duo. The best line of comedy from Rose and Love was: “Extracting oneself from the rubble is art.” “Oh yeah? Well, next time how about practising the art of not getting caught under the rubble in the first place.”

Stark and Lilynette’s conversation with each other was also very intriguing as it gave Stark a chance of some major character development and showed a more serious side to him instead of the normal laid nack and relaxed #1 Espada. Though I kind of like Lilynette’s personality she must be the fiery side of Stark and it reminds me a little of my personality. Stark’s comment about Aizen is probably right as well he probably doesn;t even care about any of them dying he’s really cold that way I think.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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  1. I like the way you write the summaries and the reviews… how long does it take you to do this?

    I was also wondering you can put up the rss feed for your blogs somewhere I your page, because I’d like to have it on my one blog page…


    • I can’t write today… there’s some grammar mistakes, but I hope you understood what I was trying to say.. “blog” instead of “blogs” and “own” instead of “one”

      Sorry bout that…

      • Thanks for saying that I’m glad you like them, though they maybe pretty opinionated but I’m enjoying writing them… Well let me think depends on how in depth I do them maybe 2-3hrs, and I do it all on my own with no help whatsoever.
        Oh and Rss feed I’ve just put up on my site now.
        It’s fine with all the spelling mistakes I’m actually used to it, so I basically knew what you was going to say. 😀

        Neon Star - ネオン星
  2. Greetings.
    Wow, quite a few posts – all by yourself?
    I noticed that you are using the sleepy fans scanlations (from OneManga?).
    Although i do thank the sleepy fans crew for their quick releases, they favour speed over quality. I found that the Binktopia scanlations from are of higher quality in both image quality and translation quality (although are out a day later), and use them myself. But to each their own.
    Nice set up btw, i do like the layout.
    Is there any chance you will be updating the Home and information page in the near future?

    • Hello. 🙂
      Yeah there are quite a lot of posts, unfortunately yes I’m doing them by myself though I could really use some help and then maybe they could be out the same day. >.>
      Yes I am using Sleepyfans scanlations as those are the ones that come out first.(from MangaFox not OneManga).
      Oh really? I didn’t know that thank you for sharing that I shall take a look at those then. When I get the chance.
      Once agian thank you I wasn’t sure how the set up would be for the viewers so it means a lot that you like it 😀
      Yes I’m in the process of updating the information page now and for the Home page I rearranged it a little.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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