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So continuing from last weeks episode Hollow Ichigo continues to fight with Muramasa, and his quietly pushing him back, Muramasa seems to be pleasantly surprised. However, this is when Muramasa starts to get serious with Hollow Ichigo. Meanwhile, Kyoraku and Ukitake continue to discuss the possibility that if by defeating there zanpakutō spirits they will indefinitely destroy themselves. Switching over to Renji’s continuious fight with Zabimaru, who begins to taunt him for being weak, they do however manage to tell Renji their reasons for leaving him. This makes Renji mad and he tries to initiate his shikai but to no avail.

Somewhere in a forest in Soul Society Hisagi is running from Kazeshini, Hisagi had already suspected that Kazeshini was sneaky and now he also fights sneakly . Though, Kazeshini doesn’t seem phased at all about being sneaky, for the fact that its got nothing to do with life and death.  Moreover its an important factor for Hisagi seeing as he doesn’t fight that way, Kazeshini already knows that so he goes on to say that he doesn’t particularly care he’s a zanpakutō whose only purpose is to reap lives; Hisagi had always thought that both zanpakutō and wielder were supposed to understand one another and agree on things like that. Kazeshini then attacks him and goes onto say he can understand that reason for other shinigami’s just not Hisagi, he thought he would use his powers for the purpose to reap lives that’s why he made the pact, Kazeshini appears behind Hisagi and attacks him at point blank range.

Inside Ichigo’s soul the fight is still commencing between both Muramasa and Hollow Ichigo it seems that the Hollow is winning the fight until Muramasa begins to ask questions about why the Hollow inside of Ichigo won’t listen to him in which. He simply replies its his instinct to consume Ichigo no matter what , this is where Muramasa realises that the hollow won’t listen to him and decides to change his tactics to destroying him. Meanwhile Renji’s battle with Zabimaru isn’t particularly foing anywhere and is easily getting beaten by Zabimaru. However, Zabimaru begins to threaten Renji saying that if he doesn’t get serious then how about they bring the head of Rukia and then he might get serious.

Over in Ichigo’s soul the fighting is still ongoing however neither seem to have the upperhand until Muramasa uses his abilities to restrain Ichigo’s hollow. However, Ichigo sees something and then realises that this must be Muramasa’s power and Muramasa declares that he as no further use for the hollow and decides to kill him. Anyway over to Renji’s fight and he’s literally getting beaten up by the snake half of Zabimaru, he starts to think that he really is weak and  starts to lose his resolve, he realises that what hurts the most isn’t the fact that Zabimaru is hitting him but the fact that they’re hitting his heart.  However, when Zabimaru decides to kill him Renji begins to understand that he doesn’t want to go out like that  what is his reason for fighting and getting stronger.

Inside Ichigo’s souls a blue light runs through Muramasa’s and the hollow battle it breaks the invisible tentacles and frees the hollow from Muramasa’s powers.  Ichigo’s hollow precedes to ask him why he saved him, Ichigo bluntly says that he is a part of him and it was the right thing to do considering the prediciment they’re in.  Muramasa can not see why Ichigo was protecting his hollow powers, Ichigo says that he may have originally have been a hollow but now he’s a part of him that’s why he rescued him.  While conversing Ichigo explains to Muramasa that he’s a Human not a shinigami and begins to force Muramasa out through sheer willpower.

While the snake half of Zabimaru tries to kill Renji he blocks the attack, and pushes Zabimaru back. Ichigo awakens back in Soul Society along with Muramasa, immediately shifting back to Renji who says that maybe he forgot that but there isn’t time to dwell on the matter, he wants to get stronger that is everything. Both Ichigo and Renji say the same thing that in order to regain themselves they need there zanpakutō’s, this is where Renji successfully manages to call out Zabimaru.

Preview: Release! The New Getsuga Tenshō

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Personal Opinion:

So I was afraid this episode wouldn’t live up to my expectations I was pleasently surprised, though there were a few things that made me mad like the fact that even though Hisagi was mentioned in the title he was almost left out of the entire episode. This episode continued with the 3 fights, Ichigo, Hisagi and Renji.

Certainly I agreed with the fact that Renji has been pretty weak, when you compare how he’s been portrayed in the main story to the levels that Ichigo has achieved in a short period of time. Another thing that surprised was that Renji was the first one (not mentioning Ichigo) to initiate his shikai without his zanpakutō’s spirit, could this mean that even though the zanpakutō’s spirits have manifested that they haven’t completely disappeared from their wielders souls. Very interesting.

The animation quailty was great especially in the fighting scenes between Renji & Zabimaru, also with Hollow Ichigo & Muramasa. I feel that Hisagi’s little conflict with Kazeshini could’ve been a little more animated I mean seeing as Hisagi really detests Kazeshini. Somehow, even though Renji had some cool scenes with Zabimaru, his character didn’t majorly develop much though it really can’t since it’s only a filler arc, though Renji’s inner turmoil was extremely well done and in context even for a filler. Ichigo and his hollow were also really believable in the way they sided with each other during Muramasa’s invasion intrigued me quite a bit.

Regardless, the fact that the parallel lines between Ichigo & Renji was indeed a very intruguing way to end the episode on a high note, which made me really excited for next weeks episode, though I’m intrigued as to the title of next weeks episode a new form of Getsuga Tenshō. However, the preview this week didn’t entirely reveal much to what next weeks episode will be like though I’m guessing that Hisagi and Kira could possibly be in the episode.

Personal Enjoyment. 4/5


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