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Bleach 371 01

Beginning with Barragan saying that they are insects and he’ll never forgive them for what they had demolished him too. After that it delves into the past of Barragan, who says that he’s bored and wants to see some action to cure his ever increasing boredom in Las Noches. Some of Barragan’s army realise that someone as killed Gagamel.

Here is where Aizen, Kaname and Gin enter, the other inhabitants of Las Noches enquire who the people are they attack the said intruders. However, they are immediately stopped by Aizen  who states that they’ve never met before, and then presumes to ask a question.

“I presume are you the king of Hueco Mundo?”

They begin to converse with each other and Barragan seems pleased to see them as his boredom will now be stopped as he prepares his men to attack the intruders standing in front of them. Barragan claims himself to be the king of Hueco Mundo, Aizen tells Kaname to stop and asks Barragan to look into his sword “Kyota Suigetsu.”

Bleach 371 02Still conversing between each other, Aizen starts asking Barragan more questions and Barragan answers with another question, after pestering Barragan some more Barragan just laughs and goes into a speech saying that no one can be smirch him he is the king of Hueco Mundo and he ruthlessly orders his men to attack them. Nevertheless, this is where Aizen releases his Shikai and all of Barragans men are easily defeated which leaves Barragan stunned.

After that the scenes alters back to Barragan’s last moments and him uttering that he will kill Aizen with his own hands, and points his sword towards Aizen who simply shrugs him off. Finally the scene changes to where Rose and Love ask Stark why he isn’t remorseful about his commrades passing, Stark simply says:

Bleach 371 03

“We’re not the type to avenge each other.”

Personal Opinion:

Well I wasn’t sure what this chapter was going to be like or if it would be interesting but I was relatively surprised with what Kubo-sensei did and that we managed to delve into Barragans past a little bit and now I know, why Barragan’s character was so vengeful he really detested Aizen’s invasion of Hueco Mundo.

I thought that the term “King of Hueco Mundo” was meaningless but it turned out he really was the “King” what an interesting turn of events it put a smile on my face and made me laugh a little as well.

Though there really isn’t much I can say about the chapter at all besides that it gave a character development and that Aizen really is a complete weirdo, I still don’t get his way of thinking at all. But onto some major fan-girling for me as we get to know that next weeks chapter is Rose and Love’s fight against the Primera Espada Stark, I’m actually already in fan-girl mode as I’m writing this.

I hope that we get to see Rose’s and Loves Vizard powers some more. We got a glimpse of them in chapter 366 The Revenger’s High. So Rose’s Vizard powers allow him to use a melody which captivates and destroy hollows (oh I’m a Rose fan-girl even though he’s not in the manga much.) While on the other hand Love’s Vizard powers gives him insane brute strength. It looks like theres going to be an interesting battle taking place next week and the weeks to come how exhilarating.

Personal Enjoyment: 3/5


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