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Commencing, with Sasuke whom instantly rushes towards the Raikage. His two guards are really powerful and skilled. They push him back quickly and find out he’s lightning natured, which confirms that their  intel is certainly true. Apparently they also have to take in to account that he’s also fire natured and will definitely use it next so they should be prepared so C, tells Darui that he should be ready with his Suiton style jutsu. Suigetsu wonders how they got intel on Sasuke, and Karin is in utter disarray as she can’t believe that the guy in the middle is. Juugo immediately states that the two on the right & left are jounin of Kumogakure  and the one in the centre is the Raikage. One of the Samurai requests back up.

However, when C uses genjutsu which for the time being throws Sasuke off and allows time for Darui and the Raikage to attack. Suigetsu and Juugo save him. Suigetsu’s sword breaks facing the Raikage, this is where Juugo states that the battle with the 8tails really did  get damage the sword. Sasuke doesn’t seem to thrilled to be rescued by both Suigetsu and Juugo, in which he say’s “All of you stop interfering”. C compliments the sharingan. Then Darui asks C to search for anymore companions. However Karin notices this and immediately decides that she must hide her chakra temporarily, the other members of the team state this, and then Juugo decides he’ll take out C. However he lets his curse mark completely consume him.

The scene then locates to the Hokage’s conference room, it is established that Danzo did in fact use his genjutsu abilities and isn’t doing so now. This is where Danzo so rightly stated that he doesn’t want Konoha’s abilities to fall in to other Villages, he kind of makes a threat to Ao that he will kill him to retain the Byakugan back into Konoha’s threshold. Evidently, this is where the sharingan is attracting the attention of the Mizukage, since it is possible that it was the same power that controlled the 4th Mizukage. Their discussions continue, noone trusts the Hokage anymore.

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Nevertheless, Gaara makes some clever interventions which indeed ceases the Tsuchikage in a terrible spot. It appears that the Mizukage is taking Gaara’s side just incase his plan backfires, in her opinion he’s to innocent and doesn’t know the ways of the ninja, since he’s so young. Anyway, one of the Tsuchikage guards, the girl, will be coming to watch Sasuke fight, she seems interested in him but, she’s advised not to meddle. Danzou,  tells Fuu and Torune to stay there quietly and basically not interfere.

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Personal Opinion:

All in all, really awesome chapter, I especially enjoyed the small fighting scenes, taken into account that this will indeed be one of the best fights in Naruto so far this arc. (something I hate really much since it relies on Sasuke’s.) However we can not forget about Naruto and his little discussion with Madara, that should also be interesting. In all accounts shouldn’t Naruto get a little more action since he is in fact the main character, it’s getting a little bit predictable him getting talked down too by everyone even one of the main antagonists of the series.

So beginning with Sasuke’s battle against the Raikage, Darui and C, I mean the fight seems a little unfair at the moment being as its all Raikage, but when C used genjutsu on Sasuke I was a little surprised that it affected Sasuke so much. The sharingan is supposed to be able to detect genjutsu and yet Sasuke was taken back by the use of it. Sasuke should’ve seen it coming to be frankly honest after the attack he seemed a little disorientated, however I think if it were Itachi he’d be able to quickly counter it.Which proves to me that Sasuke is still inexperienced with his sharingan unlike Itachi.

Surprisingly, it was a shock to see Juugo reach the second level of his cursemark, his physical form looks really awesome though, I’m not entirely sure what the physical form boosts but the anticipation of him fighting is excruciating. I mean so far Juugo has only done minor things since his character became major i.e.  like using animals for tracking and intel. When Sasuke first went to get Juugo his fighting abilities didn’t seem like much but at least we’ll get to learn more now. This should be the perfect chance for him to prove he’s worth being in Taka.

When it shifted to the Hokages confernece again I wasn’t sure that Danzou used his Shairingan’s ability at first as it wasn’t made clear at all. It intrigued me to see that the Kage’s were however considering to say the least about the sharingan and how to catch Sasuke. I mean it also made me realise how much Gaara as grown (thanks to Naruto nonetheless) and how he is still one of my favourite characters. Though I’m somewhat disappointed it really showed how innocent and honest he is in all of the Kage’s. However, it appears to me that Danzou has another plan incase the one he had failed and that is why he told his two men to stay there. Maybe it is to capture Sasuke to collect the sharingan that is if he dies, in the case he’s still alive killing  him themselves.

Personal Enjoyment 5/5


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