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The episode begins with Kyouraku, and Ukitake reviewing what’s been going on with the materialisation of everyone’s zanpakuto then enters Unohana, explains that Rukia was found by members of the 4th division and is being monitored as her injuries were severe. After that Unohana then went on to explain how she submitted a report for test subjects to the 12th Division and how she’s just got back from helping out Captain Kurotsuchi. Unohana, explains that according to Kurotsuchi that their zanpkauto have completely detached themselves from the shinigami and become independent, and that if they aren’t careful with how they deal with them they could completely destroy there zanpakuto.

Meanwhile, Hisagi and his men patrol Seireitei, while conversing between each other Hisagi states that their zanpakuto could not be in their materialised form anymore and that their future and reputation as shinigami’s are on the line. Shortly after Hisagi notices a strange wind and then the two men in his patrol were viciously attacked by the strange wind. It’s not long before Hisagi notices that the wounds are strange and that the sword is much faster and sharper then an ordinary zanpakuto then the wind materialised and it showed Kazeshini. At the same time, Renji investigates the ruins for any clues that could help him depict and varify where Byakuya went, who was last seen hit by Senbonzakura’s attack. However, Renji encounters a baboon girl and a snake child.

Shifting immediately to Ichigo who awakens in his inner world, and to his amazement he sees Muramasa there. Ichigo instantly asks Muramasa how he can be here and about his wielder, this is where Muramasa mentions that he killed his owner.  Then recites that he is a zanpakuto and is able to be there, he then divulges that he’s interested in Ichigo’s hollow powers.  Nevertheless Ichigo attempts to attack him and he is easily subdued by a simple wave of Muramasa’s hand. Although it takes Renji a considerate amount of time to figure out that Zabimaru. Unfortunately, Zabimaru’s baboon form explains that they heard a voice that told them to follow their instincts, and have no purpose of returning to Renji and in turn form Zabimaru’s shikai form and get ready to attack Renji.

Switching over to Ichigo who wakes up in Zangetsu’s dimension but the old man is missing. He sees Muramasa and attacks him, but the man immediately incapacitates him and summons his hollow form out as a separate entity. Immediately it shifts to Hisagi who’s desperately dodging Kazeshini’s attacks just barely, eventually Kazeshini manages to connect with Hisagi. They start conversing between each other and then Kazeshini declares that Hisagi doesn’t know what is true desires are and that he heard a voice. Eventually Kazeshini says that Hisagi doesn’t know him or what his blade truly desires and that is to reap lives. Back over to, Renji who just stands there dumbfounded as the snake child attacks him directly. However, going back to Muramasa who has begun to take an interest in the hollow form and uses his powers to freeze it in place. Thinking that it has been repressed, Muramasa approaches it but the hollow form merely tricks him with its act and lashes out straight at him.

Preview: Clash! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini

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Personal Opinion:

Beginning my overall opinion of this interesting episode, I must say it surprised me considerably since the title is Renji Surprised?! The Two Zabimaru’s I thought it would be focusing on a battle between Renji and Zabimaru, like the two episodes that preceded it. So it disappointed me tremendously but, even though it didn’t live up to my expectations it still was a pretty formidable episode. I mean even though Renji was seen in the episode it also focussed on Ichigo’s hollow and Hisagi, I think that the directors are planning on showing more fights later on between the other shinigamis and their zanpakuto.

However complaining that it wasn’t a very good episode as some flaws in the statement as well since two of my favourite characters are going to be shown more throughout the entire Arc. If you’re wondering who those people are I’ve already mentioned them but I’ll disclose the information again, also stating there voice actors since I’m a fan of there voice actors as well since they’ve appeared in a couple other of my favourite animes. Abarai Renji who’s voiced by Kentarou Itou (plays Hiroki Kamijou in Junjo Romantica & Ranmaru in Ikoku Iroki Romantan & Riku in Ai no Kusabi both yaoi’s). The next one is Shūhei Hisagi who’s voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi (plays Kenta Usui in Karin, Agatsuma Soubi in Loveless which is a shounen-ai & Kamina in Gurren Lagann).

Back to my opinion on the episode we get to learn, about Muramasa’s wielder whom he destroyed though we still do not know the reason behind him killing him/her.  There was something that did surprise me which was Renji’s human form of his zanpakuto which was a baboon girl and a snake child (not sure if it’s a boy/girl.) I mean I thought that it was just a baboon but I was wrong well that’s a lesson learned today for me.  But I’m sticking to my intial thoughts on who my favourite Zanpakuto’s are and Kazeshini is my no.1 I mean who wouldn’t love to have a sadistic zanpakuto who loves to inflict pain on others even the way he delivered his speech about how the sword is designed to reap lives, was enthralling. (personally I’m a masochist so I’m the opposite to Kazeshini heheh.)

However, I felt that the episode lacked some major plot development, it did set up the battles between Ichigo’s hollow, Hisagi & Renji, and that we delved into the past of Muramasa a little I must add. Though, I can’t help but wonder why they decided to finish the episode just as we were getting to the best part the fighting, I really don’t understand their logic in that, maybe it’s to give them a little more time to develop on other plot ideas, who knows I know I don’t. Next weeks episode looks to be very interesting my only concern is that it sticks to the title rather than divides it into three parts like this episode.

Personal enjoyment 4/5


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