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The episode starts off with a flashback of Asuka’s past and how he vowed to his mum never to be girly man and focus on being a proper quintessential Japanese man. So then the episode begins with Asuka in a Kendo competition. Then enters Tachibana Jūta with a girl as the Kendo team looks like they might lose the competition its up to the captain, Asuka. It gets down to the last contestant he ends up dropping his sword however Asuka being the samurai he is, he obviously wins. There are a lot of dreamy girls by the side cheering for Asuka.

After the competition, a young guy gets picked on by a group of bullies, and ends up getting his wallet pinched off him. However a girl passes by and tries to help this lad out but fails this is where Asuka  notices the bullies and the female protagonist and goes and saves the day. The two meets their first encounter, and introduces themselves to each other as, Masamune Asuka and Miyakozuka Ryō not knowing that they were going to meet again.

The next day in school there home-room teacher appears. This is where a new transfer student Miyakozuka Ryo is introduced, she immediately recognises Asuka and thanks him for saving her. The class makes fun of them in a very comedic fashion. Then Ryo gives every boy in the class her e-mail address.

Later on in the episode the antagonist appears and he’s ticked off at Asuka and he and his gang members, the bullies from before, decide to go wreck havoc at the Dojo where Asuka practices to be a samurai. In the meantime, Asuka was making a doll for a little boy and Tachibana spies on him and can’t believe his eyes, then he falls out of the tree which causes Asuka to look out of the window but he sees nothing. Then the next day before school Asuka goes back to the park and puts the doll on the bench.

Then he goes off to school, this is where he hears a rumour that Tachibana was with Ryo in the home economics class going to make a mess of her. Asuka immediately goes of to rescue Ryo from Tachibana though when he reaches the classroom he sees them attempting to make a cake. However this really does make Asuka upset as the cake is a mess. This is where Tachibana makes his excuses and leaves Asuka and Ryo alone, however he’s actually spying on them through a window. In no time Ryo and Asuka manage to complete the cake to perfection.

Then the boy who’s obsessed with Asuka goes and tells him about Hajime’s gang was doing to the Dojo where Asuka practises, and the both of them head there. However, Ryo is there too as she received an e-mail from one of Asuka’s fellow Kendo teammates.

Hajime and Asuka starts a fight obviously with a kendo sword but one again Asuka had the upper hand and he was winning. Hajime’s gang was infuriated so they cheated and kicked Asuka so he fell to the ground. Considering his disadvantage the boys were about to all gang up on him but Ryo comes and with her awesome fighting skills all the boys fall down.

Personal Opinion:

Well I was actually looking forward to this adaptation for quite sometime, since I heard of it being made, the manga is funny so I’m hoping it’ll live up to its standards.

This episode starts off with the male lead Asuka’s past which is somewhat known in the title of the programme, Otomen. The term ‘Otomen’ is a pun made from the Japanese word ‘otome’ meaning young lady or mistress and the English term ‘men’. Which fits in with Asuka liking girly things, it seems that the male and female roles are reversed in the show. As Ryo hates girly things and only got told to do manly things by her father.

Enough of that, I think the first episode set the ball rolling for the entire series, plus I think there’ll be more Tachibana Jūta in future episodes also we should see his ‘alter ego’ though I’m not going to tell you who that is since it gives away the plot. (If you haven’t guessed I’m a total Juta fangirl.)

The entire episode was very comical for example when you first saw the fat teacher everything about her seemed funny her voice and her overall personality. Another funny scene is when Ryo gives the boys in her class her e-mail and they approach here very comically. Even the whole incident with Juta following Asuka around just seemed really funny, I mean anyone would be able to figure out someone was following them right? Now I’m all psyched for the next episode.


Okada Misaki as Masamune Asuka

Kaho as Miyakozuka Ryo

Kimura Ryo as Tonomine Haijime

Seto Koji as Ariake Yamato

Sano Kazuma as Tachibana Juta

Kiritani Mirei as Oharida Miyabi

Ichikawa Tomohiro as Kurokawa Kitora

Takei Emi as Tachibana Toshiko

Yanagihara Kanako as Hanazawa Yumeko

Takada Nobuhiko  as Ryo’s father

Tsurumi Shingo as Asuka’s father

Yamamoto Mirai as Asuka’s mother

Broadcast  Period & Air Time:

2009-Aug-01 to 2009-Sep-19 (ep 1-8)

2009-Oct start (ep 9-end)

Saturday 23:00 (ep 1-8), Tuesday 21:00 (ep 9-end)

Correlation Chart:

Otomen Correlation Chart


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