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Naruto 460 01

Well Zetsu then tells all the Kage’s to go look for Sasuke the Raikage gets mad. All the other Kage’s aren’t sure of what to do with the newly found information. Eventually the Raikage has enough of all the chit chat, and he instantly grabs Zetsu. Zetsu however wasn’t expecting that sort of reaction. Though, he doesn’t look like he has lost control and offers to tell a tip about Sasuke’s location but, the Raikage appears to kill him.

After the incident with Zetsu, the Kage’s start discussing what to do about Sasuke, the Mizukage states that there’s no reason to kill him, if they capture him they should then interrogate them. So, the Raikage and his two guards bust through the wall and go on a search to find Sasuke. Mifune’s samurai battalions are also put on the move. The Mizukage’s bodyguard gets to watch over Danzou so he doesn’t try anything with Shisui’s sharingan in the confusion.

However, Naruto is found by Madara. But initially he is caught by Kakashi’s plan however, apparently he’s just here to talk with him, about how he managed to get Nagato to disobey him. Although, Naruto doesn’t want to talk about how he managed to talk Nagato to his side, he is adament he wants to now about Sasuke. Relucantly Madara agrees to tell him.

Naruto 460 02

“All right I’ll tell you about a man eaten up the ninja world’s hatred and bitterness, about Uchiha Sasuke.”

The samurai finally find Sasuke and we learn about their techniques. They use their chakra to extend their swords. Sasuke is adament to avenge his brother.. While Sasuke is fighting the samurai Juugo tells Karin to go and look for Danzo and that he’ll take care of the samurai. Shortly after a figure is seen behind Sasuke and then he wipes out all the samurai to which even Karin and Suigetsu are surprised.

Naruto 460 03

Anyway, Shi and Darui figure out where Sasuke’s location is and the Raikage comes down opening his way through everything. The Raikage faces Sasuke. Meanwhile, Karin and Juugo are going to take care of finding Danzou for Sasuke.

Personal Opinion:

So how should I start my opinion to this chapter. Anyway, I enjoyed this tremendously it was more interesting than last weeks chapter. (I think better than Bleach’s chapter). So in my opinion the first 6 pages weren’t all that interesting well, maybe the part where Zetsu almost appeared to get killed. I highly doubt that fact though since he’s a member of the Akatsuki, plus he only had his white half there, the black half is somewhere else apparently somewhere where he can spy on Sasuke.

Personally, I thought that Madara and Naruto’s meeting seemed a little too predicted, but I’m not all that fussy so I was able too get past that little bit of disappointment. However, I thought that Kakashi’s plan to capture Madara was perfection, though I can’t help to imagine that he was caught to easily I mean Madara by the way. Apparently it seems that Madara was really shocked that Naruto managed to change Nagato’s mind, that was somewhat expected in my view, but Kishimoto-sensei still wants to give the readers more ways to interpret the meeting.

Back to my views and what not, I really hate what Kishimoto-sensei has done to Sasuke’s character, but I guess I can’t get him to change that aspect of Sasuke now, especially as we’ve seen in this chapter Sasuke is really starting to do my head in. (Actually he has always done my head in since he killed Itachi). Still miss Itachi so much. Initially its not a bad thing that Sasuke wants revenge for Itachi since he was his brother, its understandble that Sasuke loved Itachi.

Three Reasons I Hate Sasuke:

  1. He left Konoha to join that snake Sanin Orichimaru. (He freaks me out)
  2. He killed his older brother Itachi, and Deidara-senpai. (Damn he’s so ungrateful, come back Itachi your fangirls miss you immensely. Same to Deidara-senpai as well.)
  3. Finally lost the plot and he’s set to destroy Konoha, in particular the Hokage and the Elders. (Well I’m not so much bothered about this so much as the person he’s really out to kill is only the temporary Hokage Danzo, so he’s off the hook on that aspect only. But destroying the village he once lived in is unforgivable, stupid brat.)

Eventually,I made up my mind about the Raikage at first I thought his idea of killing Sasuke was the right idea, (since I hate Sasuke so much as I was a very blatant Itachi & Deidara fan), but I changed my mind and thought what would that achieve, I mean there wouldn’t really be much plot then would there. Oh the “Dark Chakra” thing I’m not sure exactly if there’s a deeper meaning to that term or not, I guess I just have to wait to see what comes from Sasuke’s use of this Chakra. Personal enjoyment of the chapter 5/5.


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