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Bleach 370 01

Opening up with Soi Fon whom has reached her limit using her bankai, Hachi then states that she has unbelievable power to break ‘The Gates of the Four Beasts’. In which she replies to her lieutenant that she normally can’t do Jakuho Raikoben more than once every three days and here she’s done it twice in a day. However, to everyone’s immediate surprise, Barragan is still alive and is able to escape from the barrier.

Bleach 370 02

Barragan then immediately goes into a speech stating how they will rue the day you so rudely turned your backs on the great emperor.He attacks back which in turn forces Hachi into Vizard mode. Still, he can’t push his power away and his arm gets caught. With Barragan’s words about his power being absolute, he takes his arm off and puts it in Barragan’s stomach. His bet is right, not even Barragan stands his own power and is consumed by it. Barragan’s dead for sure now. And finally a battle moves on.

In Soul Society there are no God’s other than the Shinigami, gods of death. So perhaps we cannot fully understand the weight of your words forgive us our disbelief. God of Hueco Mundo.”

Personal Opinion:

Well I’m not really sure what I feel about this chapter, I mean it appears that Hachi and Soi Fon’s efforts have triumphed but then the tables are turned onto them, by the 2nd Espada Barragan. By his immense power he even manages to force Hachi into Vizard mode which intrigued me very much being as we haven’t really seen him display his powers so much. So in general that gave me the good thrill in anticipating what his powers are like while he’s currently using his Vizard powers.

There’s not a lot I can thoroughly say about this chapter, in my opinion I feel that it lacked the whole plot development issue, that’s been surrounding past chapters of the manga so far. I guess Kubo-sensei is trying to give his readers a chance to guess what will happen. Next weeks chapter’s going to be a complete surprise cause I’m not sure who’ll be fighting next so I’m looking forward to that aspect.


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