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In the past, Yui entrusts a young Tadase with the Dumpty Key. One day, the Tsukiyomi siblings come to stay at Tadase’s place. Mizue talks with Tsukasa about being uneasy with Ikuto & Utau there. Tadase, Utau, and Ikuto would play hide & seek together: sometimes Tadase & Utau would ask Ikuto to play the violin for them, and he obligied without hesitation. Meanwhile, Utau & Tadase break a vase while playing, a debate goes on between them as to who will take the blame, though at the end Ikuto says he broke it and apologises to Tadase’s mother. Tadase’s mother and grandmother talk about Ikuto and Aruto Tsukiyomi, in the presence of Tadase, here is where Mizue say’s she has got a bad feeling about Ikuto being with them.

However, Tadase’s grandmother seems to disagree with her and then proceeds to ask Tadase if he likes Ikuto, in which Tadase instantaneously replies that he loves Ikuto nii-san (older brother). Ikuto was outside and eavesdropped on the conversation when Utau asked if anything was wrong and he said nothing and walked off. However, early the next morning, Tadase and Betty see Ikuto go off without a word. When Tadase was around his current age after arriving home from school, he hears Ikuto playing the violin to Betty and sees Betty dead, with Ikuto by her side. Tadase proceeds to ask why, but Tadase sees the Dumpty Key in Ikuto’s hands. Tadase’s Grandmother later falls in critical condition, and since then, Tadase believed his mother’s words about Ikuto bringing misfortune to everyone who comes in contact with him.

In the present, Tadase’s unsure of the past now, but things are too vague to really know. Amu starts to cry and states that lying brings a heavy burden on the heart and how she lied to everyone. Although Ikuto’s heart must be far more worse off than any of theirs is, however Yaya blurts out everything in her and manages to change the atmosphere around. The guardians go into a secret room behind the principals office to see Tsukasa and find him with prepared tea. Tsukasa reveals he took Ikuto away during a bad predicament. He has arranged for someone outside the school to assist them. In Easter, Kazuomi goes to tell Gozen he will have the Embryo soon, but he’s not in his office. Kazuomi says that he will get it for Hikaru.

Preview: Reborn!! My Radiant Dancing Princess!

Shugo Chara!! Doki - 46 - Preview 01Shugo Chara!! Doki - 46 - Preview 02

Personal Opinion:

Well I can officially say that the ball is rolling, this episode was remarkable, I got to see the chibi versions of Ikuto, Utau & Tadase (Oh my god chibi Ikuto -faints-). Somehow, I believe that the things that were mentioned in this episode seemed to revert back to the Manga, which is a really good thing.

So this episode focuses on the relationship between the Tsukiyomi’s and the Hotori’s, and how the disappearance of Ikuto’s father Aruto affected everyone involved, not just Ikuto but Yui Tadase’s father as well. Even though I’m such a dedicated Shugo Chara fan myself, this episode piqued my interest to see how good the animation quality would be. Not to mention that even though there were certain scenes throughout the full episode that could have been animated slightly better, it was great in general. I forgot to mention about the last couple of seconds of the episode where you get to see, the Easter director i.e. Ikuto’s stepfather claiming that there plan on capturing the embryo is almost complete, oh we also get to know the name of the Gozen’s supreior which is Hikaru.

There’s really nothing much I can say about the episode since I’ll just keep repeating myself but seriously at least the plot is getting there now, to be quite honest, I’m really excited for next weeks episode where we get to see the appearance of one of the characters we haven’t seen episode 26 of the first series. However, this character will also be doing a character transformation. Hmm, I forgot to mention about Tsukasa, well in the episode it appears that he knows much more than he is currently letting everyone know. Even though, he admitted hiding Ikuto with him when he left Tadase’s house, he seems to be quite a mystery not much is known about him besides he’s some relative to Tadase and that Tsukasa’s family have always been in charge of the school.


3 responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki 46 – Tadase and Ikuto, Horoscope of Fate!

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  1. omg Ikuto is sooo cute! everyone want more episodes? my cousin is one of the creators of S.C.! i can try to get them to make more episodes! just ask and i will try my best!

    ShugoChara FanClub Owner
  2. Hi, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

    • Hello there.
      Thanks for that though I haven’t really updated the Shugo Chara one as much as I wanted I’m waiting until the new season starts in october so please check by then and see the weekly blog of Shugo Chara.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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