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Meanwhile, over at the Kage’s meeting the arguing about the leader is still ongoing. Apparently, the Kazekage and the Raikage are the best candidates but, the Kazekage is still young and is not known by the other Kage’s too well. On the other hand, the Raikage gives in to his emotions ever too quickly. So from the point of view, the Hokage is best suited for the position.

Back to Konoha, finally someone’s taking some initiative. All of Naruto’s friends make a very important and final decision that Sasuke, needs to be stopped by Konoha itself, and Shikamaru is the one picked. So Shikamaru, goes in to tell Sakura about the plan. Eventually, after Sakura stops crying, she states to Shikamaru that she will be the one to tell Naruto about the plan saying:
“The fool’s in love with me, so let me do it.”

Once again, back to the Kage’s meeting, one of the Mizukages guards has a Byakugan eye, even more important that he feels something is wrong with the meeting itself. After taking a look with the Byakugan in his right eye, he recognises Danzou’s right eye as Shisui’s. Anyway he interrupts the meeting, knowing that Mifune could possibly be under a a super genjutsu; it also appears that the Mizukage’s guard discovered she was being controlled. On top of all that, Zetsu interrupts the meeting, and alerts the Kage’s of Sasuke’s break in.

Personal Opinion:
The recent Naruto chapters have been pretty disappointing, but I must admit I loved this one it gave twists and possible plot advancements so I was impressed. Good work, Kishimoto-sensei. Well it appears that killing Sasuke has become the obvious reality, I don’t think it’s their final objective but, if they need to they will do it with no regrets.
Apparently it appears, that eye transplanting has become a ‘Fashion statement’ in the Naruto Universe.

Well I’m in shock that Danzou’s eye was actually Shisui’s, wasn’t he the one who had Itachi kill him? It makes perfect sense… This way Itachi can wipe out his entire clan. (Damn, I still  miss Itachi .) Remember that Shisui was supposedly the strongest shinobi, so before giving the go ahead to Itachi, they had to find a way to deal with Shisui first. By putting two + two together means that the Hokage has ultimately a strong and powerful eye, it’s even possible that it’s the mangekyou.

Hmm, well I’m not really sure what to think about Zetsu’s interruption of the Kage’s meeting. Especially, to tell them about Sasuke’s break in. Seriously, what’s the point? What the hell is Madara trying to achieveby telling them. Is he trying to cross Sasuke? Or is he trying to help him?

After everything that has happened in this chapter I’m finding it hard to tell what will happen next, but at least the plot development in this chapter was interesting to read. Kishimoto-sensei, I applaude you with all the mystery you’ve gave your readers in this chapter, though now we have to wait a fortnight to find out what happens. Oh well, not everything goes has planned.


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