Bleach Chapter 369 – Spit On Your Own God   Leave a comment

After, yet more talking between Barragan and Hachi, about the fact that Kido ages. Hachi then completely shuts him off by trapping him in an impenetrable kido spell of his own design. Hachi goes on to say that Barragan was only able to stop Soi Fon’s bankai because he had the time to age the attack to get away. What would happen to him if they hit him with her bankai at close range.
Through, a lot of extremely complicated kido incantations, they manage to do just that. For a moment Barragan seems quite worried. In order, to use Soi Fon’s Bankai Hachi made a deal with her which was:

“Promise me again. Tomorrow you will seal Urahara Kisuke in one of your barriers for a month.

Personal Opinion:
All in all, a pretty decent chapter, which was just focusing on Soi Fon & Hachi’s battle against the 2nd Espada Barragan, so we know she made a bet with Hachi, but why? I mean what does she hate about Urahara? Maybe it’s how close he is with Yoruichi, that she hates him. After, reading the chapter I now want to know whose battle will be next.

Though, we do know the that Lisa & Hiyori are with Hitsugaya fighting the 3rd Espada Harribel, also that Rose & Love are going to be fighting the 1st Espada Stark. There are a few things that I’m unsure about like who will Kensei and Mashiro shall fight also who Shinji will end up facing is a mystery as well.

There will be no Weekly Shounen Jump next week as they are taking a break, so they should return 21st August maybe earlier lets hope they do.


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