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So Ichigo is out patrolling the area when an injured Rukia suddenly emerges from a gate from Soul Society. Moments later, another gate appears and out of it comes the human form of Rukia’s zanpakutō, Sode no Shirayuki. She attacks Ichigo and tries to get him to hand over Rukia, and he’s is surprised to see her use Rukia’s signature techniques. He’s able to counter it though, and his opponent decides to back off for now. Ichigo then takes Rukia to Urahara’s place for treatment from Inoue, and once Rukia is well enough to talk again, she tells everyone about what happened in Soul Society. After Muramasa had revealed that he had sealed away Yamamoto, fighting had broken out between the Shinigami and the Zanpakutō.

Rukia was saved by her brother, but he was then locked in battle with his own Zanpakutō, and she ended up back in the real world after fighting hers. Yoruichi, who had earlier gone to Soul Society to check things out, now returns to report that the Shinigami have regrouped and the Zanpakutō have disappeared for the time being. However, Byakuya is still missing, and Rukia worries about him despite Ichigo’s reassurances that her brother wouldn’t die because he is really strong. When Ichigo finds out later from Noba, Ririn and Kurōdo that Rukia has gone back to Soul Society on her own, he decides to go after her with the help of Yoruichi.


Personal Opinion:

So this episode I expected to be quite boring on my initial watching of the episode so I watched it again and to my surprise I found it completely engulfing. Though, for some reason I didn’t really want Ichigo to appear in this arc but all said and done he’s the protagonist of the series so he will more than likely ‘save the day’. So much for that idea. In fact, I was slightly amused that, as if to drive home the point this series will always rotate around, they even had the nerve to play the song Number One in the background as Ichigo was preparing to depart to Soul Society. Personally, I would have preferred leaving Ichigo out of this and giving the viewers more focus on the captains/vice-captains and there respective Zanpakutō would have been far more superior, but at the very least having Ichigo around means that we’ll get to see some more of Zangetsu. Plus there’s still the Yoruichi whose Zanpakutō we have hardly seen yet heard of, and undoubtedly this is the perfect chance to reveal something about it.

Everything said, I have to note that I actually pretty much liked the episode overall because it had some pretty engulfing action scenes. There’s a certain freshness factor still to seeing each Zanpakutō use techniques that we would otherwise be very familiar with by there couter-parts using, and watching the captains and vice-captains having to adapt is interesting as well. I suspect they’ll be making hefty use of kidō spells for a the time being to compensate, for the lack of not being able to use there zanpakutō’s special abilities. Though still, I’m left wondering who the hell is this Muramasa guy, he’s still a mystery well we will probably find out who he is later on in the arc.


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