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So lets begin Ichigo awakens in his inner world to find Zangetsu asking if he can hear something. Ichigo says he doesn’t hear anything, so Zangetsu leaves it alone. Meanwhile, over in Soul Society, several of the captains and vice-captains have been noticing their Zanpakutō acting strange, such as Byakuya when he’s sparring with Renji, and Hitsugaya when he tries to summon Hyourinmaru. It’s not until Yamamoto calls a late night emergency meeting that it all comes to a head. After almost everyone else has gathered, Yamamoto’s vice-captain Sasakibe shows up and collapses from cardiac arrest, but there’s still no sign of Yamamoto. Instead, a new figure appears, and he claims that Yamamoto isn’t coming.

Komamura immediately tries to get this person to say what he did to Yamamoto, and when there’s no answer, Komamura attacks. He even initiates bankai, but to everyone’s immediate shock, his giant attacks Komamura instead of the new enemy. Komamura is only just able to dodge, and he then has to fight the human form of his own Zanpakutō. This leads to his defeat, and when the other Shinigami try to release their own Zanpakutō, none are successful. The new figure explains that he?s freed their Zanpakutō from them, and to make matters worse, some of those Zanpakutō are already wreaking havoc all over Soul Society. The Shinigami are powerless and can only watch as each of their respective Zanpakutō join the person who introduces himself as Muramasa. He then declares that the rule of Shinigami over the Zanpakutō is over and that from now on, the Zanpakutō will rule over the Shinigami.

ED20 – Mad Surfer By Asai Kenichi

The new ending song for the new filler arc by Asai Kenichi, sounds relatively similar to the current opening song, but I like this new ending song Mad Surfer is my favourite ending song by far. The new animation is pretty colourful and shows off all the new Zanpakutō characters and their respective Shinigami counterparts.

Personal Opinion:

So I’m not really a fan of previous filler arcs for Bleach, but I’m relatively shocked by how this episode turned out, though I can’t really say if my expectations are high or low since its only the first episode of the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales Arc. Though, I find the filler focusing on the Shinigami and their Zanpakutō‘s is interesting better than the previous filler arc which was a snobby little girl which I gave up on half way through. So onto the episode I found it quite enticing, since it opened with a sparring match between Renji and Byakuya. Though they did lighten the episode up by including some funny Hitsugaya and Rangiku moments.

So I think I should go onto talking about the new villain Muramasa’s character design looked kind of weird yet silly, to be honest his character doesn’t seem to threatening so far but that’s only my first impression he’s voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi, which immediately reminded me of Ikuto from Shugo Chara. Personally I like quite a few of the Zanpakutō‘s physical forms were pretty cool, my favourite ones being Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki, and Hisagi’s Kazeshini. What’s important is that the new arc is off to a pretty promising start and I’m already wondering what happened to Yamamoto and where the Muramasa got his own sword. Those things could even be connected if, when he said that the Zanpakutō will rule over the Shinigami, Muramasa meant that he’s able to turn Shinigami into swords or something. At the end of the episode there wasn’t any preview for the next episode which gives people the chance to speculate.


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